5 Platforms to Save in Dollars with Incredible Interest Rates

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This post will teach you how to save in dollars in Nigeria because one of the best ways to secure your future finances is to save in dollars.

In this post, you will find some of the best platforms for saving in dollars in Nigeria and other countries with unstable currencies. You’ll learn why you may want to stop saving in Naira or your local currency.

Apps to Save In Dollars

Why Save In Dollars?

The United States dollar, aside from being one of the strongest and most traded currencies in the foreign exchange market; is a go to currency for people living in countries with economic crises and devalued local currencies.

Why Nigerians Should Save in Dollars

Few years ago, a dollar was between 195 – 199 Naira.

How much is 1 dollar in nigeria now?

As at June 2022, the same naira is sitting pretty at 510 and 615 per dollar. Crazy! I must say!

We have to admit a bitter truth, Nigeria is a country amid economic problems. The local currency is experiencing rapid market devaluation because of the country’s inability to diversify its economy.

Also, the unfriendly policies and clampdown on technological development play a major role in the present sickening condition. The Nigerian Naira has lost over 50% of its value in just 1 year!

While there is little to nothing the citizens can do, securing their finances becomes a necessity.

In my last post, I wrote about platforms that offer good interest rates for saving in Naira; but, I assume you want more, a better saving opportunity that secures your finances even more.

If you hate seeing your money lose value due to inflation and the government’s unfriendly policies, then you are better off saving in dollars.

How to Save in Dollars

Over the years, saving dollars became easily accessible in Nigeria and many other countries due to the widespread use of Fintech apps and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain networks introduced digital versions of the United States dollars, while most Fintech apps enabled access to saving in dollars. This gives individuals an opportunity to own and save in dollars without owning domiciliary accounts.

The only requirement to own the blockchain version of the US Dollar is to have access to an exchange or a crypto wallet you can fund and withdraw from.

The Best Ways to Save in Dollars

This post will enlighten you about the best possible platforms for saving your dollar and even get rewarded while you do so.

The platforms you’ll find in this article are open to just anyone looking to save in dollars. You don’t have to be Nigerian to use them. You’ll find some crypto and non crypto companies that you can save in.

Muna Wallet

Top of the list in this post is Muna app, a crypto wallet that enables people to earn while they save. You can save USDN, WAVES, Binance coin, Bitcoin, Muna and more.

Muna Wallet

Muna enables USD saving for their users through USDN, a stable coin pegged to the United States Dollar.

They offer 5 savings plans, 1 flexible plan and 4 locked plans to help you stay dedicated to your goal. Each plan offers up to 15% annual savings interest; and the best part is, you’ll receive your rewards every day until you withdraw your funds.

Note – the locked plans have a 3% default fee for early withdrawals. 

Muna is one of the easiest ways to save in dollars if you live in Nigeria as they offer quick, easy and secure deposits/withdrawals to people living in Nigeria. Non-Nigerians can send and receive supported crypto coins from other crypto wallets or exchanges to save. Learn more about Muna

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Piggyvest Flex Dollar Savings Plan

Piggyvest is one of the most popular naira savings platforms in Nigeria. They also offer Nigerians an opportunity to save in dollars.


You can earn up to 7% annual savings interest with the Piggyvest app. Every month, they pay out savings rewards to your Flex Dollar account.

To save dollars on Piggyvest, you need to fund your account with naira, then deposit it to your Flex Dollar account at the naira to dollar exchange rate.

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Bundle Africa Vault

Bundle Africa is the second crypto wallet in this post. They offer Nigerians an opportunity to save cryptocurrencies, including BUSD, a stable coin pegged to the United States Dollar.

Bundle Africa

Bundle enables USD saving for their users through BUSD. You can save as low as 0.1 BUSD.

Earn up to 6% annual interest when you save on Bundle.

Note – you cannot withdraw from the fixed BUSD plan until its due date.

You can easily fund your account on Bundle Africa through their secure P2P exchange method that connects you with other Nigerians looking to buy and sell.

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Binance Exchange

Binance, one of the largest crypto trading markets, is more than just an exchange platform. You can also save different cryptocurrencies with them. They offer savings in different USD coins you can choose from. 


These are some of the USD coins you can save on Binance.

  • USDT
  • USDC
  • BUSD

While there is no direct deposit option, you can easily fund your Binance account through their secure P2P exchange method that connects you with other Nigerians looking to sell and buy funds in Binance. There are different traders to choose from, but ensure you follow the Binance P2P rules for your financial safety.

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Waves Exchange

Waves exchange is another crypto trading platform that allows their users to save in dollars. They offer competitive interest rates and enable USD saving through USDN.

Waves Exchange

While this is another great platform to use, funding your wallet might take a bit of time to master since there is no direct deposit method for Nigerians. You should use Muna instead if you want to save in dollars via USDN.

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What Platform is the Best For You?

While the aforementioned platforms offer you a great and easy opportunity to save in dollars, it’s important you choose the best for you.

I currently use and recommend Muna because they have one of the best interest rates and offer a secure and fast funding method; you buy and sell directly to them.

Do you use a different dollar saving app or platform?

Do share!