Applied Digital Skills : How To Prepare Your Child For Tech Skills

I was surfing the web and bumped into a keyword that struck my curiosity. “Applied digital skills.” These words may be new to you, but it ignited a feeling of hope in me when I discovered what they truly meant. Google is promoting the addition of digital skills in schools from the foundations. This is an amazing development that would benefit the world in the long run.

Applied digital skills by Google

What Is Applied Digital Skills?

Applied digital skills is an innovative online curriculum created by Google Inc for FREE. It aims to introduce students to digital skills from the foundations.

The curriculum provides online materials that will enable easy study and learning through video courses that target students at all levels. Apparently, Google is encouraging digital literacy at an early stage. Below are a few courses in the curriculum:

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Why Students Need To Learn Digital Skills At Early Stages

The internet has brought about a generation of digitally skilled people who found something outside the walls of “formal education.” There are a lot of skills in the digital field that anyone can fit into and make sense of. It would be better if people get introduced to these skills earlier than they were. Most traditional education and degrees are becoming more or less the foundation for starting a career in any of the lucrative fields on the internet.

A lot has changed over the years, more and more people are shifting careers and ditching their degrees. Now, we have digital marketers, data analyst, graphic designers, web developers, and many more of which wouldn’t have existed if the internet wasn’t live. Because this has happened, I believe that there should be a few changes in the educational system to complement this evolution.

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What Does Google’s Applied Digital Skills Aim To Achieve?

For some reasons digital haven’t gained the positive recognition it deserves. Schools are still sticking to old curriculums and students only begin following their dreams after they’ve studied a course they do not need.

Over the years, only a few measures have been put in place to aid the spread of digital skills in schools. Students have been made to engulf too many information they’d likely never use. You can agree with me that the curriculum is always the same and kids are continuously studying in areas that may not secure a standard future for them. While Education is important, it’ll be beneficial if the educational system creates a space for the applied digital skills curriculum in schools.

The world has evolved, people are beginning to want more than just medicine, law, engineering and the lots in schools. There’s a need to revisit the curriculum and help people not waste years in schools.

How Students Can Get Started With Google’s Applied Digital Skills

With the help of learning materials provided by Goggle, teachers can start introducing their pupils and students to digital skills. Here’s how Google suggests students can start learning digitals.

Schoo teacher and her pupils

An English teacher could teach digital skills with Research and Develop a Topic, which covers researching, writing, and testing for source credibility. Or, they could have learners see how to use code to find overused words in a document with Create an Editing Tool with Programming.

A math teacher may want to use Create a Guide to an Area to teach how to use structured data. Lessons can fit into many different subjects, and we encourage teachers to get creative.

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Would The Applied Digital Skill Favour All?

According to Google’s support page, they created a flexible learning system that will enable people even in the least tech-inclined environment to learn about digitals from the foundations.
If you’re in a tech limited environment, you can download the videos directly into your computer pending when you hold a class for the study.

How Parents Can Help Their Kids Get Started With Applied Digital Skills

Although the curriculum targets schools, parents can take it upon themselves to begin tutoring their kids at home. Not all schools are ready to implement this curriculum. As a parent, it would be great if you help your child understand and learn about digital skills while they are still young.


Only a few people are brave enough to abandon their traditional education and pursue the knowledge they know would benefit them. digital creatives are mostly seen as jobless and convincing the family of your decision to switch from traditional education to more innovative learning wouldn’t be an easy task.

The applied digital skills curriculum by Google Inc. will create an avenue for students to truly know what they actually want without first finishing a degree. getting basic knowledge in digitals will for sure tell if one would rather go the usual route or not.

You can become a part of something great without having to waste away with courses you do not need. Choosing careers will be easier and better for students in the future. It’s easier to get started while in school because you’ll be progressing with every change that comes in place.