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Alternative Blogging Applications for Blogger

August 29, 2016

blogger bogging application

Are you a Blogger blogging with your start phone?

Posting to your blogger blog via Your smart phone isn’t really hard when you get the right application for posting.

I understand that has an apk application which is meant to make posting to your blog easier, but trust me using that application to post is really sickening.
The disadvantages of the blogger official application for android isn’t what bloggers would want to cope with.

Below Are Two Recommend Smartphone Blogging Applications For Blogspot

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1). Blogaway

This application has so many features unlike the blogger official blogging application.

Some features of Blogaway blogger smartphone blogging application include:

  1. Multiple account support
  • Integrates with Google Picasa and YouTube
  • accounts for video and pictures
  • Rich text editor
  • Commenting
  • Tags and labels
  • Links
  • Saving drafts locally
  • The best of it all is that you can schedule your blog posts! Enjoy it!


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2). Blogit

Blogit is an application I enjoy using even after discovering Blogaway


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