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affiliate cloaking for blogger

Hey there, Happy Sunday to you!
This is a Sunday exposure…
It’s happy blogging time, I hope you enjoy every bit of what you get in here…

So, today, I’m going to be exposing something really cool and not so hard to implement…
Do you run your blog with few affiliate linkings? and sometimes get bored of the long ugly affiliate link your readers get to see while they click a link on your blog?
or you are so bothered that you wish you can hide your affiliate links so your readers don’t bypass your links…
Well, some readers are like that! “you can’t refer me!”.

WordPress have got this plugging and you can Read about the best affiliate link cloaking Plugins For WordPress

Unlike wordpress, as you know, blogger interface is missing this and many trials to get an affiliate link cloaking widget have proved rather uneasy…

I bet, I should call you lucky; because, it took me lots of findings to finally bump into a working affiliate link cloaking add-on for blogger! it works, probably not like wordpress, but it definitely works…

Here is what to do
1. As always, Back up your blogger template

2. Add this Jquery code just below <head> in your template file.

<script src="" type="text/javascript">

3. Now Search for </head>  and paste the code below just above it.

var aff = new Arrayundefined);

/* define your links here */
aff['Your affiliate Link1'] = 'Your regular Link1';

aff['Your affiliate Link2'] = 'Your regular Link2';

aff['Your affiliate Link3'] = 'Your regular Link3';

/* do not edit below this point */

/* reverse the key/value pairs so we can lookup based on value */
var aff_reverse = new Arrayundefined);
for undefinedk in aff) {
    aff_reverse[aff[k]] = k;

/* scan all links when the document loads */
    /* if the link isn't listed above, do nothing */
    if undefined!aff[$undefinedthis).attrundefined'href')]) {return $undefinedthis).attrundefined'href');}
    /* ok, the link is in our list */
        /* when the link is clicked on, revert it back to the affiliate link */
        //$undefinedthis).attrundefined'href', aff_reverse[$undefinedthis).attrundefined'href')]);
        return true;
        /* Firefox ignores onclick event when the link is opened via middle mouse undefinednew tab) */
        $undefinedthis).attrundefined'href', aff_reverse[$undefinedthis).attrundefined'href')]);
        return true;
        /* revert back to non-aff link in case they opened in new tab */
        $undefinedthis).attrundefined'href', aff[$undefinedthis).attrundefined'href')]);
        return true;
    /* change the affiliate link to a non-affiliate link */
    return aff[$undefinedthis).attrundefined'href')];

Cloaking your Affiliate Links
Your affiliate links won’t get cloaked just by adding the above to your template file, you need a little customization to get your affiliate links cloaked…

Now to make this work,

In the above code, find
aff [‘ Your affiliate Link1’] = ‘ Your regular Link1 ‘;
and then replace Your affiliate Link1 with your affiliate link
and then replace your regular Link1 with the simple link that you desire. it is advised that you use your site link.

once you replace the affiliate link as explained above, if you click in your blog post page, it will automatically look like before redirectibg o your supposed affiliate site…

Note that you need to add the real affliate link to your post page, else this won’t work.
You can create as many cloak affiliate links as you want

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