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March 11, 2017Joseph O.

Here I will review, let you know if it is a good Adsense alternative if you have been rejected or disabled by Google Adsense or worth using with Adsense.

Brief Overview
Adhitz is a Cost per click (CPC) advertising ad network and serves advertisement through publisher sites like most other ad networks.
 Adhitz have been online for a couple of years (since 2009), at least years long enough to eradicate the fear of the company folding up. It is also a subsidiary company of ClixSense, one of the largest PTC website. The ad network has a section for publishes (our concern) and advertisers.
Getting Approved
Approval to using adhitz ad network is a very easy nut to crack and I bet there is no approval process before displaying ads on you site…
Although, the site gives publishers the chance to sell ad spaces and Advertisers the ability to choose to advertise on specific sites. Publisher websites are arranged in an order of the daily visitors received per day. Thus, sites with little traffic only get the ads meant for all publishers websites.
Ads and Payment

Adhitz offers 2 kind of ads, the text ads and the banner ads ranging from, 768*90, 300*250, 250*250, etc. The text ads can be customized to blend with your template or vise versa…
CPC Rate

Adhitz pays between 0.06 to 0.19 per click, depending on where the click comes from.
Something cool about Adhitz is that, you can bid for CPC according to your wish and  earn 70% of that amount on every cpc. You earn more when Advertisers buy an ad space on your website, but you need a lot of traffic to attain this and making more per click depends on your CPC bid.
My Personal Experience
If you’ve noticed, there are adhitz ads on my blog. I’m sharing just a short experience… 
Like I mentioned earlier, there is no approval process. It’s just sign up and add your site. Nothing more, nothing less… I implemented the ad code on my blog and obviously loved the display.
 The banner ads doesn’t look spammy or awkward. They go straight to the point…
But since they don’t pay for impressions, I just got to see tons impressions without clicks! Guess you need a whole lot of traffic to win online…
I had clicked on my ad… (Was testing out a bit) then in few minutes, I received a mail from them warning me about invalid activity… Wish AdSense can do the same! Lol.
– The fixed CPC rate they pay to their publisher. They charge advertisers a fixed Cost Per Click rates. Note; CPC rate varies from country to country.
– They offer instant approval to publishers.
– Notice about invalid activity if committed, you don’t get banned instantly but get warned.
– Their text ads are beautiful and easy to customize so it blends with your template.
– Low quality of Ads.
– Low click rate
-Poor website design; Well, this might not be an issue but the design matters and my just be sending potential advertisers away.
 -PTC (Paid to Click) websites ads dominates this site: should be expected since the ad network was funded by the owner of a PTC website
-A good percentage of Ads are of money making websites and may not be relevant to contents of most websites.
Adhitz works best for publishers who blog or write articles on making money and PTC related reviews.
But since a good number of online users would love to make money, even though you don’t blog bout making money, you can give adhitz a try and see if it works for you. 
So, do you have any experience with adhitz?
Note; Adhitz doesn’t accept Nigerian registrations anymore, you make need a VPN to bypass.
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Comments (2)

  • Goodluck Okereke

    March 24, 2017 at 12:05 am

    even with vpn, nigerian cant register…i have tried it many times….how did u register miss blogtrovert??

    1. Joseph O.

      March 25, 2017 at 3:30 pm

      adhitz may not be worth your time…

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