8 Ways to Promote a Newly Published Blog Post

8 Ways to Promote a Newly Published Blog Post

Last Updated On: August 23, 2019
promote newly published post

A good amount of traffic comes to a blog post within the first day, after it gets published. You can get lots of traffic to a blog post not withstanding when the post got published, but often, a good amount of traffic comes to a newly published post if you promote rightly… Thus, it’s important to promote your blog posts and increase traffic their immediately after you publish. This is particularly important for posts whose relevance dwindles overtime but this

practice should apply to all your blog posts.

Below are 15 ways you can promote your blog posts immediately after they get publishled so as to increase traffic to them quickly.

1. Share Your new posts to twitter

Twitter is a very popular social media platform, thus it is a perfect place to share a link to your blog posts as soon as they get published. There so are many tools that enable you to automatically publish a link to your latest blog post on your twitter account but you can also share them manually.

2. Share the Blog Post on Facebook
What’s this list without facebook? Knowing fully well the amount of people that use the platform, it’s important to note that people who want to read your blog posts are on Facebook too. So always share a link to your blog post on your Facebook Profile and Page (You should have a Facebook page for your blog).
3. Share the Post on Pinterest
Pinterest is a social bookmarking site. If you include images in your blog posts, then Pinterest will surely be a great place to promote them. You can do this automatically or manually…
4. Share the Post on Google
Google is an extremely cool platform to share your new blog posts to as it is a powerful tool for blog post promotion, and it
shouldn’t be overlooked.
5. Share the Post to Your LinkedIn Followers
Do you write blog posts about businesses, careers, or professional topics, if yes, then LinkedIn is one of the most important places to promote your blog posts.
6. Share Posts to Relevant Forums You are a member of
If you are a member of any online forums related to your blog’s topic, you should not hesitate to share your posts them because forums are great places to promote your blog posts. Just be sure to offer some useful information and comments than self promotional links in your posts, else you appear to care more about self-promotion than the members’ conversations.
7. Comment on Relevant Blogs and
Include the Link to Your Post
When you comment on blogs that blog about similar topics as yours, its readers are likely to be part of your target audience. Commenting on such blogs is a great way to promote your blog posts. Search for high quality blogs, so your link building efforts don’t hurt your blog’s search rankings and search traffic.
8. Interlink your blog posts
Internal linking of your own blog posts is an important part of search engine optimization and keeping people on your blog for a longer period. Think about how your blog post fits into your internal linking strategy and take the step…

9. Get GrowTraffic’s Offer

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