10 New Year Resolution Ideas For Everyone

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Another new year is coming up real soon and I can’t imagine the number of resolutions already piled up to be screamed out or whispered.

  • What’s your new year resolution?
  • Too overwhelmed to decide?
  • Or meh! Resolutions are no big deal

In the spirit of another new year, for those who still believe in resolutions;

  • How productive were your resolutions in the past?
  • Did you achieve a pin?
  • Or, are you like many others, my kind of people who make tons of resolutions due to excitement and the fact that everyone else does the same thing?

I’m pretty sure you’ve looked up and seen tons of ideas on sites like lifehack that listed a whooping 50 resolutions!
Then what are you still looking for?
There is a chance you read that post the previous year.

To sum up this rant, I would like to believe you know that making resolutions is just one side of the coin and achieving it is the other, the hardest, as we have made it seem.

So, while you are probably out there again, hunting for resolutions to spice up the forthcoming year, I’d like to give you a few realistic new year resolution ideas that are definitely not too difficult to achieve or utopian in nature. Let’s come back to earth and make declarations that are convertible into goals we can achieve.

While you make new year resolutions, remember that the struggle is real and not just some utterances.

New Year Resolution Ideas For Everyone

New year vibes

If you are anything like me, then you believe or feel that resolutions are no biggy. But then, if you still want to take a shot, below are 10 age-long new year resolution ideas you’ve probably made in the past but can spark up in the forthcoming year.

Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination has been a life long issue. In fact, I know full well that unless I’m ready to drop this habit, no one can help. I have gotten all the help I need, I know all I have to do but then, I’ve turned a blind eye or rather procrastinated too much on when to start fighting it.

I rather place pleasure before work. But then, things are different now, I am tired, and there is a possibility that you are too. You definitely want to make the year super successful and get rid off the evil procrastinating habit that seems to be an old pal.

While this might make a good new year resolution, achieving it can be difficult. We need to be extra ready to get rid of this habit without working ourselves up or procrastinating the need to. This is definitely one in a million ideas for resolutions.

Become a better person

It’s nothing new that every human has a negative attribute. Nobody is ever or can be perfect. We have our flaws, and our ability to know this makes up who we are or choose to be.

While others are making new year resolutions to become something unrealistic or to achieve something far from reality, choosing to become a better person is one of the many ideas that keep bumping into my head while I await the new year.

Should this even be a resolution?

It should rather transform into a goal.

While we want to be better than who we are now, I believe putting it in our to-do list (you definitely need a to-do list to keep track of resolutions and goals) could play a great role in seeing that it doesn’t end up as just another resolution.

Step Out Of Your Comfort zone

My comfort zone despite its comfort is a thorn on my flesh, and I believe it is on yours too. I can’t remember the last time I took a walk out of it and oh! I’d like to give it a shot this time.

It’s time we make our comfort zone very uncomfortable. It’s probably eating us up but we wouldn’t know. If you are too comfortable with shying away, not getting things done and avoiding the real world, welcome to my world, but let’s step out together.

Become more confident

If you are looking to step out of your comfort zone, then you need some confidence boost to help you. If there is something I lack, it’s self-confidence. The struggle is real.

It’s normal for people like me to feel that whatever opinions they have wouldn’t make much of a difference, so hide it away to avoid embarrassment or the sort.
Attaining some self-confidence should definitely be on your menu for the new year if you are anything like me and looking for some resolution ideas.

Learn a New Skill

This should be one of the most important ideas on making resolutions. I have decided to learn a new skill that will not only be productive but also increase my creativity.

I have researched some cool skills you will probably be interested in.

  • Photoshop
  • Graphic Designing
  • Web Designing
  • Oil colour painting
  • Watercolour painting
  • And more.

I recently developed an interest in watercolour painting. So far, so good, I’m still a horrible painter but I’m doing quite well on skillshare. Skillshare is a very good place to learn digital skills for free or for small monthly due… You could get 2 months of premium classes on skillshare for free if you join with this link.

Reduce unnecessary Stress

Should this even be a resolution?
There is a chance that you are one of those who get stressed over unnecessary things. Stress not only plays with our mind but our health.

Sometimes we find ourselves purposely indulging in irrelevant activities or thoughts that stress us out but then we let ourselves believe there’s little we can do to stop the stress.

If there is anything I find myself doing sometimes, it’s getting stressed over little or nothing. That I can’t get something done, find a new post, or stay consistent often get me stressed. I’d really want you and me to overcome these unnecessary agents of stress. So, yes! It’s making the list.

Do Less Social Media

Social media is getting so popular and as it grows, so does the effect it has on us.

Though social media isn’t all bad, they have turned out to have some negative effects. The more time you spend on social media sites, the less productive you become especially if you are on social media for the fun of it.

If you are anything like me, you can easily find yourself scrolling up and down your timeline, viewing new updates and totally wasting your time. You probably can’t log into your social media account with an intent of getting some information and doing so in the long run because you got carried away.

Become sociable

While most of us are super friendly on social media sites, a lot of us are the opposite physically. I could go on and on chatting and being super cool with you online, the reverse is the case in reality.

To become the opposite of that antisocial person, you need to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people.

Organize Your Life

for many of us. If you are the league of people who organize to Disorganize within a short time, then you probably have t put this in mind while you scout for ideas to spark up the new year.

I have often blamed my disorganized lifestyle on lack of time but I came to realize that an unorganized life adds up to not having time for anything.

I’d definitely love to know when to pick and drop my pen, phone or any other thing I indulge in daily.

Stop Making Resolutions If Your Resolutions Goes Unachieved

While I wouldn’t call this a resolution, it’s necessary that you call a spade a spade. Maybe letting yourself know that you’ve simply been creating new or age-long repeated new year resolutions that always go unachieved, will pop up ideas like not making resolutions instead.

I stopped being a fan of resolutions and accepted the fact that I only made them for the fun of it because, over the years, it has become just a ritual done on the first day of a new year.

I’m probably just worked up since 95% of my resolutions never saw the light of the day. Besides, what excuse has a procrastinator got?

Have New Year Resolution Ideas?

I am pretty sure there are resolutions being made yearly, so, what are the outstanding ideas you have and want resolution makers to dive into?

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