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Make money on steemit


Have you ever wanted to know how to make money posting on social media? Do you want to get paid for social media posts?

If yes, great thinking. If no, oh well, it is time to start thinking about the fact that you can get paid for social media posts, because there is a great opportunity to monetize your actions on social media.


We have tons of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Instagram and others. Now, the question is, wouldn’t it be great if you could get paid to use these social media? If you my friend have a great gift to write and gather so much likes and reactions on Facebook or loves and retweet on twitter, then it is time you take your next big step on a social networking site that pays.

How To Get paid For Posting On Social Media Platforms

If you are wondering how possible it is to get paid for posting on social network sites, then I am more than glad to tell you that there are some social networks that will pay you money for being part of their active members who create posts and comment on other users’ posts! We have so many social media that pays you to post, but today, I will be giving you one of the best and fast rising network of them all;

Make Money On Steemit

Get paid for being on social mediaget paid for social media posts

Today, we will take a step ahead to look at how we can get paid for social media posts by becoming active and participating members of the Steemit community. Without beating around the bush, the aforementioned platform is probably the best place to take advantage of in your quest to earn cryptocurrency in 2018.

As at this post, steemit is growing rapidly, but there are still millions of people who do not know about the social media that pays you to post since it has been on for a less than 2 years now. However, there are many users currently making Big money out of it. So, while you ask questions, take a leap forward and join the steemit community before it becomes overcrowded.

make money with Steemit

What is STEEMIT?

Steemit is just another social media platform like Facebook, twitter and more but this platform unlike the rest pays users for posting, commenting on posts and upvoting good content. The platform was created by Daniel Larimer, founder of BitShares, and Ned Scott. The website was built on Graphene blockchain.

On steemit, users get paid with a digital currency called Steem; a cryptocurrency built on top of BitShares/Graphene blockchain. This currency was created by the founders of steemit. The website looks more like a combination of reddit and medium.

Steemit is not just another paid to post social media, but it is also a great site that gives you the privilege to earn cryptocurrency. So, if you have been looking for how to earn cryptocurrency for free, steemit is a great place to look into amongst the many cryptocurrency social networks out on the internet.

How Can I Join Steemit?

Steemit is an absolutely free to join platform. You do not need to pay a dime to anything or anyone. Simply visit the website and choose to sign up.

How to Make Money on Steemit

Although steemit is a great place to make money online, you cannot earn money on steemit while you do no nothing. To make money on steemit, you need to;

  1. Create contents that other users will like/upvote
  2. Drop reasonable comments on other users’ post that you find interesting or helpful. Your comment can also get liked or upvoted.
  3. You also earn on steemit by curating on posts others have made. Earning this way is possible by upvoting potential viral posts on steemit.
  4. Lastly, you can take part in competitions you believe you have a chance of winning.

How does Steemit work?

I have given you an insight of how you can monetize your time on steemit, now; let’s go over how the platform works. Steemit is open to everyone with internet access. Thus, your race or location does not matter. The amount you earn for curating depends on your steem power (influence)


Basically, there are three currency units on steemit

Steem Dollars

These have been abbreviated to SBD. Steem dollars are the conventional currencies used in the steemit community to pay authors and content curators. SBDs can be converted to steem in the open market or directly on the site. To earn steem dollar from like activities on your posts, you should choose that your author reward be divided 50/50 between your steem dollar and steem power.


This is the most liquid currency available on the Steemit platform. You can buy this currency with the steem dollar and on open markets. You can also receive it as gifts but cannot earn it on the platform. Like bitcoins they can be sold and bought for or with actual money. Steem Power and Steem Dollars can be bought with this currency.

Steem Power

According to the steemit definition; Steem powers are influence tokens that give you greater control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards. The bigger your steem power token, the greater your chance of helping content creators earn from your votes as well.

You earn steem power by creating posts and curating on posts. Setting your author reward to 50/50 on posts will earn you 50% steem power from the earnings of that post. Setting it to 100% earn you 100% steem power from the post earnings (you will not earn steem dollars this time)

How To Get Started on Steemit

Before you begin creating contents on steemit, you need to secure yourself an account. Currently, there is 99% chance of you getting your dream username, so do not wait too long hovering over the need the join the social platform.

How To Create An Account On Steemit

Firstly, log onto and create account an. Choose your username wisely as you cannot change this in future. Also make sure you copy the password generated for you ate the end of your sign up process securely else you stand a chance of losing your account in the nearest future.

When you have finalized creating your account, you will get approved in approximately 24-72 hours, just keep a close watch on your registration email.

Once your steemit account gets approved, the next thing you should do is edit your profile. Add a display image and cover image, a little about you and also add any social profile or blog URL you have. All this are optional but advisable to add.

How To Post On Steemit


Know that tags have a great role to play in helping users in the community find your posts. You can use up to 5 tags per post. Try as much as possible to use tags related to your posts so that they can get to the right audience.

A Note of Warning; Do not post Plagiarized posts in the steem community as it is not tolerated. There is a bot called cheetah that actively checks for plagiarized posts.


You can;

  1. Add pictures ( helps you store your images).
  2. Embed YouTube videos and Soundcloud songs in your posts (you can do this by just posting the URL of the video/song).
  3. Always give credit to the owners of multimedia files used on your posts.


You can design your posts with HTML or markdowns

What Should Your first Post on Steemit Look Like?

Your first post should preferably be an introduction post, telling the community about yourself. This is a great place to get creative as it might bring you your first real earning on steemit. Before you write an introduction post, be sure to read the introduction posts of others and check out guides of writing a great introduction post. This Google search result might help you create a great first post on steemit.

What Kind Of Posts Can I write On steemit?

After your first post, the community will expect more posts from you. You can write just anything you wish to write but remember that the quality of your post has a great role to play in your growth on the platform.

Commenting On Posts

As I mention earlier, comments will earn you money in some cases, but before you comment on anyone’s post, read what the author have written. Also, do not drop generic and abusive comments as you might get your account flagged. Try as much as possible not use the comment box as an avenue to beg for votes or follows as you might end up getting flagged.

How to Get Followers on Steemit

The easiest way to gain followers on steemit is by creating quality contents and commenting meaningfully on other users’ posts. You can also join and channels to connect with other users.

How to Get Paid on steemit

Firstly, you have to wait for 7 days after creating a post to get paid for that post. If you want to cash out your Steemit earnings, you can simply visit There you can easily trade your currency for Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency you like so long it is available for conversion. You can further sell bitcoins for your local currency

You can also sell your earnings to fellow steemit users willing to trade in your local currency for steem or steem dollars.

So, Now That I have covered the basic aspect of steemit, the ball is in your court. There is more to learn about steemit but this brief introduction and guide will help you get started with the social networking site that pays you for your activities.

If you are ready to get paid for social media posts, why not Join and watch yourself grow and earn better with your ability to create appealing posts.

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  • emmanuel

    October 31, 2018 at 5:01 pm

    how can i earn there or create my own blog

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      Hi Emmanuel, I have written a detailed post on how you can create an account on Steemit…


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    Well thanks for the article, I really like it and I hope it will be helpful and useful to me. Once I have a success story to tell I will surely refer someone to it. Thanks again for the post.


    May 12, 2018 at 8:25 pm

    What if you wait for the seven days to complete would you be paid? Or would you still go through that process of selling your steem dollars?

    1. Joseph O.

      May 12, 2018 at 8:50 pm

      I honestly don’t understand but, you must wait for seven days before claiming your earnings. You can sell your steem dollars after they have been claimed. I hope this helps.

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    March 10, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    Thanks for sharing.. I saw the link on TBA and decided to check it out.. I will give you a mention on my introductory post as soon I get on the platform.

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    December 13, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    Can’t I post a content I already published in my blog???

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      It is not really advised, but you can do so and link back

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    What’s your username, so that you can verify me in me intro post. Anyway I think an writing the intro already.

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      I do not do the verification but you can give me a mention in your post.

      1. Fabulous

        December 14, 2017 at 8:13 am

        Yea I know, what I meant is that I need your username so that I can mention your… And you will do an upvote with comment like: ” You are welcome to Steemit bro… I know that guy”

        that’s an idea I got from the google intro post guide I read.

        such comment give a sense of positivity to an intro post, people will be convince to do something’s as well. Who knows.

        kindly type the username here or send it to my provided email.

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          December 15, 2017 at 5:49 am

          great sure! my username is @blogtrovert

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            Mentioned you.

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    Oh steemit I get it now. That’s what you were talking about in your YouTube video right?

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