Hello I’m Joesy, welcome to my site! 
A little about me
My real name is ONOME and I'm Nigerian.
I'm a young lady in her early 20s with a good sense of humour, I laugh over everything and you may need to cope with that in here... Lol.
I'm a student studying ENL Ed. in one of Nigeria's prestigious Universities...
Well, I can call myself a student, blogger and recently,  I found solace in being a blogtrovert. I’ve spent the last handful of years trying to make a living online.
I have been fascinated by technology and unlike girls of my age, I suck at looking good, Grateful I'm not ugly... Lol

When I started Blogging
I started blogging as early as 2012, well, later than most bloggers but it was an hobby and I did it for fun, I only discovered the rougher side of blogging in 2016 and decided to push myself to a whole new level... A bigger hobby.

Why Blogtrovert
The Blogtrovert though created to be a personal blog, is also designed to help myself and others who are new to blogging and website creation. If you are a newbie reading this then know that with me, you will find your way and take charge in this virtual world. 
I remember the period I got myself online, there wasn’t much out there to help me figure out what I needed to do.  I was just one bored teen, the internet was too new to me and my main aim online was yet to surface…
What is “Blogtrovert”?
The Blogtrovert is a name I coined from the word ‘blog’ and the suffix ‘trovert’. Literally, Blogtrovert would be an awesome place to express myself freely with no restrictions.
This website, I made not just for me but for you as well. 
YOU too can build a blog or site at the right time and be proud of your activities. I want you to not just read my personal posts but also I want you to understand how things work and how to excel with your blog unlike me that craved to create a world-class website with a knowledge I knew nothing about. 
Only if I had the insight to build this kind of website when I began my online journey, I'd probably be making some cool bucks... Oh well, obviously it's not too late!

Services I offer
I create, edit and customize blogger templates as well as write article on specific niches, you could always contact me!
I wish you reading this will pull off that annoying shell of yours and blog amazingly…

 I hope you find whatever information here helpful!
Stay with me!
Permanent Residential Address:
Mr Sunday Joseph's Compound, 
Off Goodnews street, Azikoro, 
Yenagoa Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
Zipcode: 569101

Updated: 2017/06/18

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Mr Sunday Joseph's Compound,
Off Goodnews street, Azikoro,
Yenagoa Bayelsa State
Zipcode: 569101

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