My New Year Blogging Resolutions

My New Year Blogging Resolutions

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2017 blogging resolutions

It’s another day, you can call it a special day or just any normal day, as it matters to you. There was a whole lot of thing I wish I realized last year but since I couldn’t, it is up to me to make good use of this year; There are 365 days left to make 2017 worthwhile.

However uncool last year was, as the case may be, a new year is here for us all…
This New Year brings great ideas and brand new blogging decisions. I sat down to evaluate my blog posts and posting methods and to improve your blog and grow bigger as a blogger this 2017, I made a list of my blogging resolutions this year which might also be of help to you…
1. Be more focused in my blogging Activities…
Blogging is fun, and it’s an act I love… I get to share my thoughts with a whole lot of people without difficulties. But over time, I’ve had difficulties in coming up with what to post at a given time because I don’t want to lose the audience I’m growing but truth is, while I fret over what to post, I lose focus instead of finding a solution… there are a whole lot of cool stuff to blog about but sometimes we get blacked out of what we should blog about, it’s only normal and instead of getting confused, Let other bloggers help out, let the environment help out and moreover, let topic generating sites help out… They will surely help out.
2. Come up with blog topics in advance
Definitely have keeping a notebook of topics or jotting ideas for blog topics down in advance helps check blank thoughts over what to post. It’s not just about getting topics in advance but also about writing down article under that topic… it can only get better!
3. Expand My social reach
I use Social media a lot to share my contents and communicate with like minds, it sometimes is overwhelming but above all, it’s worth it. I’m active on Twitter, Facebook and sometimes Instagram. I’m going to try to mix up the stuff I post to be more interactive. Some cool quotes once in a while will go along way in promoting what I know how to do best, I will get acquainted with more like-minded bloggers. This will go a long way in growing my audience!
4. Improve my vlogging skills
Starting a YouTube channel last year was one challenge I had to take personally. I believe it is an excellent way to expand my reach as well as boost my self-confidence… Well, I have nothing cool up there yet but since it’s part of my resolution, I’m willing to take the bold step.
5. Push my Blog to the next level
I started out blogging in here in August and I can only say It can get better. let’s start by energetically developing and growing my audience, then come up with awesome income-generating ideas that should likely prosper in the New Year.
6. Go through my Older posts
Literally, shouldn’t call this a resolution but it definitely shouldn’t be overlooked… I’ve made some posts that probably maybe interrelated with my intending post so updating the old posts by interlinking them to my newer posts which can be relevant to my blogger readers won’t hurt a bit…
Some cool resolutions huh?
Do you have your own blogging resolutions for the New Year?
You can share yours in the comments section below!
Happy New Year.

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