An Experience With Godaddy's $1/mo Economy Hosting plan (promo offer)

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Godaddy $1/mo hosting promo

Everyone has one or more tales to tell about their experience with products they've used overtime and in this post, I'll be filling the world in of my experience with Godaddy, one of the largest and most popular hosting company in the world. I've always used them for hosting and domain purchasing but now I've got a thing to share about their shared hosting economy plan which I bought at a terrific rate.

Crap, absolutely crap! I had to abandon the hosting plan pending when it expires by March 2018.  Honestly, godaddy's $1/mo promo shared hosting plan for one year however enticing it is, should be a no no for you. Please do not fall for the cajoling ads you see popping here and there while you surf the web. Yes, I wrote a post promoting the offer but after my unlikely experience with the service, I'd be damned not to advise you against falling for the almost free hosting plan. The only good thing about the offer is the free domain name (lasts for a year) you'll be given.

First thing first, Godaddy did a great deal of good by offering such cheap hosting plan accompanied with the free domain. 87% off regular price is really a big catch but then what's the use of a website having more downtime than uptime? Almost, if not totally useless. Assuming You have to pay the regular $7.99 for such a horrible experience?

 They claim the hosting plan is suitable for basic websites, but I must say that the plan isn't suitable even for a basic website because my website is as new as a day old with little or no traffic at all. Simply uploading a blog post from the WordPress android application leaves my blog on a 504 server page!

Apart from the Economy hosting plan promo, Godaddy also offers 54% off it's Deluxe plan (usually $10.99/mo but reduced to 4.99/mo for the first year) and 52% off its Ultimate plan (usually $16.99/mo but reduced to $7.99/mo for the first year). So if you must go for an offer, I'd suggest you go with the duluxe or ultimate plan promo to avoid unforseen circumstances. You can better still try other hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, ipage,

Features of Each Shared Hosting Plan Even With The Promo Offer
• 24/7 support
• WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and several other 1click installable web applications.
• 1 GB database storage (MySQL Linux).
• 1-click purchase of additional resources.
24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection.
1-click set up for GoDaddy registered domains.
Easy-to-use, feature-rich cPanel (I actually did love their Cpanel, was absolutely self-explanatory even for a novice).

Did you ever use the godaddy economy hosting plan?

If you did, do you mind sharing your experience in the comment section below.

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