Tired Of Being Shy?

Friday, August 18, 2017 No Comments

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Stop Being Shy

Have you ever been tired of being shy?
If you have, then I trust you to relate with what you are about to read.

Hiding and shying away, if they weren't something personally unacceptable, would have made up part of my hobbies! Actually, I am tired of hiding and holding myself back. I'm tired of being unable to grab opportunities as they step in because, I am more concerned with what people around think about me. Really?

Whatever happened to not caring about people's thoughts and rants?
What happened to being yourself and fighting what you think you deserve?
So long my intentions are good, why do I have to shy away?
Why do I have to attempt reading people's thoughts about me?
I got tired and I trust you too should have grown tired of lying to yourself and accepting the lies you've always believed, as well as allowing your thoughts decide what you feel a third party thinks about you. The crowd Staring might not even care! The mouths moving probably never moved because of you. 

Although this is going to be one of the hardest thing to try to come out of but I think you should help yourself if you are like me before it's too late. I'm not trying to be an inspirational speaker because, I still struggle with that part of me but I know it's something I have to keep fighting. You have to realize that it doesn't matter what people think or say about you because when you keep listening, opportunities will keep walking past you.

If you're shy and have never thought of giving up such characteristic, then I'd love to imbibe in you the need to, before it gets too late. Contrary to what we feel about the crowd, no one cares and people will always talk... The fear we let crawl into us is only an allusion. 99% of the negative thoughts that keep us in our shells and prevent us from being bold do not exist.
 I'm breeding a shameless me...

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