Blogger Vs WordPress; An Unbiased Comparison

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If you've been in the blogosphere for a while now, I believe you should have heard about and made use of either blogger or if not both. But for the benefit of those who do not have an idea about Blogger and; they are platforms used for managing, maintaining and updating a blog. The duo, are the most famous blogging platforms. While blogger is brings about hosted blogs, the latter brings about self-hosted blogs. It won't be totally fair to compare the two blogging platform since they aren't of the same category but then, some lies have to be debunked.
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Now, I've read tons of websites comparing blogger and, but most of these blog sites have being somewhat unjust to blogger for reasons best known to them and in this post, I will be doing a much more better comparison without slanting or favouring one over the other. This post is geared towards bloggers looking for the best platform for their blog, whether for long term or short term purposes.


Blogger is owned by Google inc and gives users the leverage of creating absolutely free blogs. The blogger blogs have three major built in features "AdWords (Campaign),  AdSense (Earnings) and Analytics (found in Settings)". Blogger offers users the ability to create up to 100 blogs, each having access to a free subdomain which can be replaced with a custom domain.

Some Lies Worth Debunking
1. Blogger is for Newbies alone
Although many bloggers preach that blogger is only suitable for novice bloggers, but I'd like to debate that assumption; Blogger is simply meant for anyone who is comfortable enough to remain with her.

2. Blogger is not For you if you want to make Money
Sometimes, I wonder why anyone would make such assumption! Who says you can't make money blogging on blogger? This my friend is absolutely untrue! There are lots of bloggers on the blogger platform making some 6 figures if not more with their blogs.

3. You can lose your blog at any moment
Hoho! This is basically not a just generalization. You can't get beaten with doing what's right. Yes you stand a chance of losing your blog but only if you break a rule like " No porno blogging", "No spamming" and more.

4. Blogger Blogs do not rank high in search engines.
For the benefits of new bloggers, this is yet another lie! Ranking high in search engines have absolutely nothing to do with your blogging platform but your ability to work hard.

5. You can create only 10 pages in blogger. 
This is yet another untrue and old observation. You can definitely create more than 2 pages on your blog.
Now that I've gone over some Debatable beliefs, I'd like to go over the Pros and Cons of blogging with blogger.

Creating a blog on blogger is absolutely free. You do not need to pay for services.
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2. Blogger's interface is easy to understand for even a newbie. You do not need any technical skill to start blogging on blogger.

3. You can create and run all your blogs with one Google account.

4. There is availability of unlimited free official and custom themes as well as premium themes to choose from.
premium blogger themes on themeforest
Premuim blogger themes on Templateism

5. Blogger offers its users unlimited bandwidth. You can get as much traffic as you want without having to bother about using up your bandwidth.

6. Your blog is secured and unlikely to get hacked. So long your Google account is secured, your blogger blog is secured.

Cons Of Using Blogger
After the above listed advantages of using blogger, below are some downsides you should know.

1. You do not own your blog totally. Your blog being hosted on blogger is surely partly owned by

2. Blogger has a not so friendly comment system especially for an anonymous commenter (this can be solved by using third party comment systems).
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3. Moving from other blogging platforms to blogger is almost impossible since blogger do not provide a clear importation system for users. You can only import blogger blogs.

4. Blogger has no plugins but only offer users its limited widgets with few that can substitute for some requirements.

5. Unlike WordPress, You often need third party applications to achieve  some basic requirement's like social sharing, seo analysis and shortening affiliate links and the ability to sell on your blog.

Do not confuse this WordPress with (Read more about and
WordPress is undoubtedly the most recommended CMS and blogging platform, and it's not hard to realize why most bloggers recommend and use it. WordPress has become so popular that most web hosting company made it a default application for customers. WordPress is a perfect choice for many business and blog owners.

Pros of WordPress
1. 100% Ownership of your blog. With WordPress, you have authoritative ownership of your blog and do not risk losing it. if you are bothered about not having full control, flexibility, and ownership of your blog, then WordPress is perfect for you.
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2. WordPress offers you more than just a blog. You can create an online shop and sell your products with its free plugin, woocommerce.

3. There are several plugins available for you to choose from if you need certain features added to your blog.

4. There are lots of themes to choose from when designing your blog. You can either settle for the free one or buy the premium themes.
premium wordpress themes on themeforest
Premuim wordpress themes on Elegant themes
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5. Unlike blogger, WordPress makes it possible for you to import your blog from other platforms.
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6. WordPress has applications ready for managing your blog on your system, smartphone or tablet.

7. Although WordPress is used generally to create blogs, you can create more than just a blog. You can create a forum, an advanced website and even a social site.

8. There is this professionalism attached to WordPress sites. Because they often look stylish, classic and premuim looking.

9. Wordpress takes seo seriously, which is why there are tons of plugins available for you to choose from in making your website seo friendly.

10. Having a WordPress site means that you can have a customize email address from your web host provider. This is very easy to achieve.

WordPress Cons
1. As mentioned earlier, WordPress needs a server to be hosted on, but the availability of several web hosting companies makes it so difficult in choosing the right web host for your blog.
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2. Unlike blogger, you are responsible for managing the security of your blog. This is one of the major issue of WordPress blogs as they are very much prone to cyber attacks
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3. Bandwidth with WordPress is limited and it's hard to know if the unlimited bandwidth advertised by most web hosting companies is actually unlimited because reverse is often the case when used.

4. The availability of themes and plugins makes using WordPress a great idea, but then they tend to be so many that you will need a proper research done to find the right ones for you.

5. WordPress needs annual investment. To maintain a WordPress blog, you need to keep paying for your hosting space.

6. To have a standard WordPress site, you have to spend good money in a good hosting company. If you've started with a cheap hosting plan, there will be need to upgrade to a better plan as time goes on. Thus you will need to make good money off your blog before each renewal process if you don't want to spend your personal cash.

Choice Verdict
 The war between WordPress and blogger, two unequal platforms will go on and on, but your decision matters in choosing the best for you. 

The best advise I would give anyone looking for the best platform for their  blog is if you want a very stylish looking blog with plugins and design flexibility and need no restrictions in the ownership of your blog, then WordPress is perfect for you (only if you have the right amount of money to host it). But if you just want to share posts, tips, etc. then Blogger should be perfect for you. The Most important thing to note is that blog visitors sometimes do not care about your blogging platform but the contents in your blog.
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Some Solutions For Blogger and WordPress
As per design, you can always make your blogger blog look stylish with premium themes.

As per security for WordPress, there are lots of security measure you can take to prevent your site from brute force attacks. I have written about
~ basic security measure for blogs

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