Blogger's Diary; Still Fighting Procrastination

Tuesday, August 08, 2017 No Comments

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I promised myself before creating this blog, that I was going to use it as an avenue to share my struggles, be it virtually, physically and probably emotionally. But, I guess I've been a little too uptight in doing that! Well, I'd love to take the bull by the horn today and spill my thoughts about a worrisome pest and lifestyle.

What can I do?
what should I do and 
what's there not to do!
 It's a characteristic I don't want but fail to fight off properly. It always finds its way into my head when there is something important to do and on many occasions, I lose out! I'm still fighting it in the craziest way and gaining grounds one step at a time, but I'm willing to try something different and bigger if anyone's got a better option because, I feel so far, my best haven't been good enough. 

Procrastination has done So Much Harm
The only time procrastination is fun is when you fail to realize that you are being eaten up by the flimsy excuses you make because You find something less worthy of your time intriguing. 
But alas! 
The end result is killing and degrading. 
How did this ever happen?
 Roughly 9 out of 10 people procrastinate. That's bad! really bad!

Fighting Procrastination was one of my 30days challenge that I never concluded for reasons best known to me. I'm giving it more attention because I know, that's what I've got to beat to do better!

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