#StudentLife End Of Session! One more River to go

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 No Comments

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I'm so excited! I'm moving to my finals and soon, I will be a graduate, hopefully! It's been a bit of fun and loads of worries all through the years but I'm glad it's gradually coming to an end. I have less than a year to spend studying and cramming (permit me to say). Next year would be my last, hopefully as I love to say...
Stepping in to a new level, building up a new lifestyle...

Here's what I'm Intend doing during my holidays.
• Focus squarely on my blog! It's really lacking something I'm unable to pick out...
• Try as much as possible to boost my social media engagement...
• Have fun and stay happy :)
• Obviously I'm gonna say I will study even though I may be telling a lie, but that doesn't mean I'm lying...
• I've downloaded some books on Scribd and I will try as much as possible to read at least 1 of them (I've got to inculcate the habit of reading).

Below are list of books I'd love to read during my hols.
• Total law of attraction
• 10% happier
• Success through a positive mental attitude
And I'd obviously listen to this audio,
•Note To Myself!!!

There are actually tons of self improvement and inspirational books on Scribd that you will be interested in. You can get 60 days free access to all books in stock as a member.

Here's What I'm worried about
I've got a class to teach by September so, I will obviously have to work on myself if I want a change...

Hopefully this holiday holds something big enough for me and I assume I've got a super large hand ready to grab all positivity I can build up...
Meanwhile, It's good to be free for another month... 

Next session holds a bigger task, but I will worry less about that for the time being and enjoy my holidays!!!

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