What are Word Clouds; Why bloggers should use them

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Word clouds

Word clouds are virtually everywhere and
chances are you've seen and used a word cloud picture before, but 98% of us probably didn't know that such picture had a name!

What actually is a word cloud?
A word cloud is a visual representation of text on an image composed of words and the sizes of each word shoes its frequency or important. It is also called a text or tag cloud... You can use word cloud to show areas of expertise, subjects in schools, one's emotion, one's characteristics and more... In a bid to show the most important, drastic, widespread, dangerous and so on.

What A word Cloud Looks Like

Word cloud

When a Word Cloud Becomes Useful
In every list, options or recommendations, there is always an important and less important entity. A word cloud can help you put your preference in picture... By mere viewing your picture, your readers can tell which option, item, characteristics or whatever is more important or recommended by you.

Word cloud

Who should use a Word Could
Virtually everyone one can use word cloud because it goes beyond just giving out recommendations or suggestions to beautifying your blog posts. but if it were in my position to decide who uses word cloud, i'd suggest that these categories of blogger make use of it.
1.Fashion bloggers
Another set of bloggers who would enjoy using word cloud. You can use a word cloud to show preference and more.

2. Personal and Lifestyle bloggers
As a personal or lifestyle blogger, there are times, things and events you love and hate so a word cloud can give a hint to your readers on what time of your life is the best or worst...  Your likes, dislikes and more...

3. Education Bloggers
Yes, word clouds are really handy in presenting topic suggestions, subject difficulty, common mistakes, misuses and etc...

Though the list is endless, but I had to settle with the 3 above. Now it's up to you to decide when to use a word cloud...

Where to Create A word cloud
There are sites online available for the creation of word cloud and below are just a few of them, which top Google's search.

Android Apps for creating Word clouds download via play store.

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