How to Fight Depression Your Own Way

Tuesday, June 06, 2017 1 comment

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Overcoming Depression

Everyone knows or have an insight of what depression is but in case you don't;
Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of
sadness and loss of interest.
It is a foe to all, an issue most teenagers battle with, especially female teenagers.

So many issues and experiences in life causes depression.
As a young lady or guy, there are so many people who encountered and are encountering depression due to countless of reasons. When a close look is taken, the replies to questions are often;

I was depressed because I felt I was NEGLECTED.
I was fighting to gain admission but always encountered FAILURE which made me a shadow of myself.
I felt I was NOT PERFECT enough to fit in with the masses, I kept to myself dying in silence. (Which Definitely Is Not The Best Option!)
I do not know why you are depressed, but depression is a silent killer. You will rarely see the positive part Of life, rather you Will Be held up in Negativity. Its time to wake Up!

°•° Many People learn how to overcome depression as time goes On. Though Being An Introvert or an extrovert determines how quick one can overcome depression.

°•° You Face Doubts Of Overcoming It But you just have to force yourself off mediocrity, If you are an introvert, you need to learn how to associate with the right people. Confide in your mum, loved ones and friends online.

°•° Is money the issue? Start a little business, that way, you will be able to have little money for your upkeep. Read inspirational books
and articles.

°•° About Seeking to further your education, study hard to get It, God is always available to go to.

°•° Make sure You are rarely alone.

°•° You Feel You Can't Overcome It Solely? Then See a Doctor Doctors are awesome, they Can always Help.

•••°°••• It's A Challenge, Be Determined To Overcome Depression.
•••°°••• Be grateful to God If You Overcome It, Stay Alive To Share Your Story And Inspire Other!

If You Are Depressed, And Reading This, Then You Too Can Overcome Depression No Matter How Hard You Feel It May be.

-Think Of Anything That Put A Smile On Your Face.
-You Have An Idea About Blogging? Then Blog! Yes, Start a blog!
-Write Article Encouraging Yourself.
-Nobody, No Matter What, Deserves To Be Unhappy!

I Hope Someone Finds This Useful.

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  1. This article is enlightening. I know at times when one is depressed you don't feel like doing anything. But the slightest change in behavior or the slightest action taken ....goes so far. Push yourself to take the right action for yourself. It helps.

    Lung |


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