Simple Trick to Secure Your WordPress website From Hackers

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rename wp-login Page URL

If you use the self hosted, I'm sure you constantly consider the security of your self hosted site and want to Secure Your WordPress website From Hackers because there are lots miscreants out there planing or already attempting to attack and hack your blog or site.

While there are several steps to take in securing your blog, today, I will be sharing the easiest of them all, "Changing your wp-login page URL"...

The first place a hacker attempts to visit in your blog is your wp-admin login page. Obviously, everyone knows the default WordPress login page URL. Anyone can type your URL and add /wp-admin or /wp-login to visit your WordPress login page.
 I've seen visits to my blogger blog having '/wp-login.php link'. Why on earth will someone try to visit that? Probably trying to hack a blog on blogger? Lol.
 If you've noticed notifications (that's if you have one set up) of several failed login attempts, chances are you have an enemy!

Since you know how vulnerable your site is with everyone knowing the link to your wp-admin login page, I strongly advise that you customize the page URL. That’s the first thing most webmasters do after installing WordPress.
 Once the link to your login page is changed, you get rid of a huge percentage of direct brute force attacks.

This little yet mighty security trick restricts anyone who doesn't know the newly customized wp-admin page URL from gaining access to your login page. The only person with such access is you or anyone you tell your new login page URL.

Now you've gotten the gist, you are probably wondering how to go about changing such Vital entity without encountering the dreaded database problem or similar.

If you are ready to protect your blog from evil forces, you should Install and Activate Wp Cerber plugin.

wp cerber security for WordPress sites
Below is a simple guide with pictures to renaming your WordPress login page link.

 Secure Your WordPress website From Hackers

After installing Wp Cerber, navigation to its dashboard, then click on "main settings"
You will be taken to the main settings page, there are lots of things to set up here but ignore them, so you don't make a grave mistake. All you have to do is find "Custom Login Url" and input the word you want to use.

You can use "-" to separate words, eg my-login-page, so long you don't forget what you use!
Tick the check box as seen in the picture if you want the standard login URL to redirect to your 404 page.

How to rename WordPress login page url

As you can see from the image above, you get locked out if you don't remember your custom login page...

After all said and done, I believe your WordPress have passed the basic stage of security implementation... 

Below are several other ways you can

protect your WordPress site;
 • limiting login attempts, (wp cerber has such functionality as well).
• Use a strong password, don't use "password".
• Avoid using "Admin" as usename. You can change your username to your email address.
• Set up 2-factor authentication.

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