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Friday, May 12, 2017 6 Comments

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Blogging Guide

Blogging have outrightly become so popular that even a child's got an idea of what a blog is. 
Despite this, most people really don't know what a blog is. For your knowledge, this post is for you... 

Blogging guide

What is a Blog?
Generally, a blog is a website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. Sometimes blogs draw stories from sites that interests them and add link backs to such stories.

 All blogs are websites but not all websites are blogs. Facebook, twitter and the rest aren't blogs but social media platforms.

Categories of Blog
There are basically 3 categories of blogs;
  1. The free blog
  2. the paid blog
  3. the self hosted blog

Free Blogs
Free blogs are typically blogs you run without paying a dime for hosting and/or services... No hidden charges. Blogging platforms like blogger.com, WordPress.com (you can upgrade a blog you run here but, generally not advised) and tumblr.com are platforms for free blogs. Here you have the opportunity to post for free. Some blogger blogging on free blogs do it for fun.

What's good about free blogs? Well, the fact that they are free of course...
What's bad about free blogs? The fact that you don't own them and can get disabled at anytime, truth is, you have to step on their toes first and break some rigid rules... But if you aren't breaking any rules, then there is nothing to be afraid of.

Paid blogs
Paid blogs are generally blogging platsforms that you pay to use at monthly or yearly basis, depending on what you choose. Blogging platforms like typepad.com, ghost.com are platform for paid blogs. Here you have to pay a token or more to keep your blog alive... WordPress.com becomes part of this group when you upgrade.

Self Hosted Blog
Typically the best kid in the block. 
A Self hosted blog is one hosted in any of the web hosting companies (either for free or paid)  with an application software which aids creation and blogging... I'd always advise a reliable paid host for your blog.

Most professional bloggers will advise you to go for a self hosted blog because its more convenient and safe. Besides you are your own boss and the only thing you get worried about is having issues with your hosting provider which rarely happens so long you follow the rules. 
Applications like WordPress.org, joomla are softwares for a self hosted blog.
Types of Blog
All blogs don't blog about the same thing, not to make a blind guess, News blogs should probably be the most popular type of blogs online, followed by entertainment and gossip blogs... Well, there are also fashion blogs, music blogs, information blogs, niche blogs which will be discussed in a new blog post and a whole lot more.

What is Blogging?
Blogging is the act of running and managing a blog... It can be a hobby or an occupation or a part-time Job, depending on what you feel it is to you.
Blogging has grown from just a means of sharing your opinions and getting heard to an avenue for making money and being self employed...
This days, asking someone of ways to make money online always bring about the word blogging...
You can either blog for fun or for the money involved...

Who is a Blogger?
Now, we've gone over the blogging and blogging aspect, let's movevove to you as a blogger! 

Basically, any one who owns and runs a blogger is known as a Blogger... I'm a blogger, you probably are a blogger too.

Most boggers have transformed from idle people whiling away their time chanting and disturbing the internet to working class people who earn money for what they do online, unlike me and probably some group of people... 

What else can You do with a blog?
Aside writing blog posts and having fun online, you can sell your products and services directly from your blog! You could as well partake in affiliate marketing and a whole lot of promotional offers.

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  1. I don't understand this paid blog thing.

    1. You pay to run your blog, unlike blogger, typepad isn't free. It's based on monthly subscription.

  2. Is self hosted blog not categorized as a paid blog?

    1. You don't pay for your self hosted blog, you only pay to host it...

  3. Does running a paid blog means I won't be responsible for writing and creating blog post?

    1. You are unless you don't mind paying someone to write for you.


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