Why it takes most Newbies ages to make money online showcasing skills

Saturday, May 27, 2017 No Comments

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The worst situation you can find yourself in, is a world where no one cares about you or is willing to give you a chance to say or present what you have got to offer. This is prevalent in the world today, not just physically, but virtually as well. For a newbie, making money online is a little way off easy!

You've got a skill but no one is willing to have a feel of what you have got to offer because there are others they know or rather think are better than you! You can't blame those you face but the situation... Just like an audience in a musical concert, who would scream when a famous artist steps on stage. But seriously, what happens when an upcoming artist does the same? Well, the silence is really epic you'd agree with me. 

Everyone wants some who is trusted and more or less someone they are acquainted with before entrusting whatever they have to entrust but if a new personality isn't tried, how will whomsoever it is get to prove him/herself worthy of being entrusted?

You can related with the paragraphs above if you've come in contact with sites like fiverr.com, upwork.com, freelancer.com and the rest. A moment there as a new worker could leave you really discouraged as no one at all is willing to hire you if I'm not mistaken... But truth is, it takes just 1 positive review to get you more reviews... The situation is, who is going to be the first to hire and have a taste of your skill? Well, you'd have to practise some blackhat ish to help yourself... But what happens when you aren't willing to take the back door? You struggle even harder! honestly, I wouldn't advise any startup to join most sites, unless of course they have some thick skin...

Though I'm not disputing to the fact that you can make it in most famous skill or freelancer directories, I'm only stating the obvious! It's going to be extremely hard to prove yourself in a site with tons of old and famous skilled workers.

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