Blogging; Does It Even Matter? Struggling To stay Relevant

Saturday, April 22, 2017 2 comments

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You've probably asked yourself this question and I'm in no way different... A whole lot of things pushed me to asking such a question and one of them is Time!

There probably isn't Much time for you and your blog...
 You have to sit, write, rewrite, edit, proofread, edit publish, share and monitor your post. Hectic huh?
Seriously how often can you or can I do that?

Now this is not about how you picture blogging but about why you had to ask that question?

For me, I'd say, I ask such a question due to my profound procrastinating habit which I obviously thought I had over come but Nada! I probably haven't made up my mind to win that dude yet... Lol. Maybe I'm just playing the blame game. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't... #GuiltyAsCharged

Now far from the frivolities above
Why do you think blogging isn't your thing? Could it be any of the listing below?

  • Probably because you are not making a dime BLOGGING yet or you are not pulling the traffic you think you deserve? 
  • Are your schedules too congested to just find a spot for a new hobby?
  • Maybe you are blogging in a niche you aren't interested in? (There's always time to switch over to something you'd love).
  • You are probably disappointed because you always thought blogging as an easy nut to crack (It's not too late to realise the reality).
  • Are you destabilized because you never know what to blog about? I've got a list of Blog Topic Idea Generators HERE.
  • Do you think settling for one theme is your biggest challenge? (I always thought I was addicted to editing my template until I settled with one. Maybe you aren't just satisfied yet) you might want to check out a list of free feminine blogger themes, free WordPress themes with removal footer credits and WordPress themes for ladies.
  • Or better still You are struggling with procrastination! It's a sister to failure... Let's make a Challenge!

A whole lot of things, maybe far from the listings above trigger the question "Is blogging Right for me?"

The only time this question pinches hard enough is when it comes in the monetization perspective... If you want to make it online, You need to pull the bull by the horn. You can actually make money blogging.

April is gradually coming to an End and the year is running out fast, but I have achieved little or nothing, the internet seem inaccessible yet I read lots of blogging income reports. ( A very genuine reason you should never read blogging income reports! Lol...)

Now far from it all,
Don't give up, Every famous blogger was once a startup #Blogger
Did I mange to encourage Anyone? Lol.

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  1. Ya every famous blogger was once a startup.
    And about reading income reports, something it can serve as a motivation, other time, it can make you feel like you are not making progress. It a double-edged sword I guess.


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