What's Your Blogging Story?

Sunday, March 05, 2017 No Comments

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First published : 2016/08/22
Updated : 2017/03/05

 Maybe blogging wasn’t your thing or maybe you weren’t just experienced…

Blogging is a word I got to know in the late 2012… I had just graduated from high school and didn’t have plans of going to college the same year so I found a job and the process of my working, due to loneliness, I got engrossed in the browsing world and blogging was one of those things I bumped into and fell in love with…

Should I say I fell in love with blogging?
because, honestly it’s been 4years plus since I began blogging, yet there is nothing to boast of… Well, I was never prepared! Now I am, it seems so hard... Lol

I’ve been hanging on the fence while many came out with blogging success stories…
 I must have been a failure!

Here, I created this personal blog so I can share my funny awful stories and hopefully stop you from walking the same dead path I walked through…

It's funny when you are interested in what a better half of your folks aren't interested in...

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