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Thursday, March 16, 2017 No Comments

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Wondering what I would have done without PicsArt! Well, probably would have gotten a non standard substitute...
If you blog with your smartphones and don't have PicsArt, obviously, nothing is going to happen... But I definitely will recommend PicsArt to bloggers who love creating their own pictures or spicing up photos to be placed on their blogs... PicsArt is the best smart phone photo editor.

I have had nothing what so ever to worry about while using PicsArt... I'm not going to exaggerate my experience with the app or say much more than it can do but it all depends on the person making use of the app.

I don't know when I started using PicsArt, or let's say I grew up to discover I was using it... Lol.
When I moved over to blogtrovert, I wanted something new, and different; text on pictures! (Maybe it's not that unique).
 I saw similar effects on photos I came across in few blogs I visited and I so wanted to make my pictures unique or so but didn't have an application for that (so I thought)... 

I always felt to do something as cool as that, you needed a laptop and a specific app, well, maybe you do but good thing I discovered something (PicsArt) that could do what I wanted! The first picture on this post is just a testimony out of the many testimonies I have got...

Why I love PicsArt
PicsArt gives you room to edit your pictures and photos without too many glitches... You can resize, square fit, shape crop, create a gif, add effects, and so many more, it's a million in one application... You don't need to download any photo editing application if you understand PicsArt or know how to use it...

The fact that PicsArt offers so many editing tools with great creative control makes me love it more. The clean and intelligent interface of PicsArt that's easy to master sets the photo editing app way ahead of many others.

PicsArt's editing interface is divided into 8 easy to understand categories; Tool, Text, Effect, Draw, Mask, Lens, Callout Flare and Sticker. All these categories above houses a substantial library of powerful options. Eg, Tool includes; Clone, selection, Adjust, Stretch, Curves, Crop, Resize and other highly useful features. Some of the features can be adjusted according to brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, shadows, highlights and color temperature.
The features PicsArt offer users are terrific and to know that, you will have to enjoy what it has to offer...

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