An Unbiased Infolinks Review

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Today, I will be going over the adnetwork, in my own way. let's find out if it is a good adsense alternative or one that can be used with adsense.

Discovering Infolinks
I found out about infolinks while searching for AdSense alternatives when I was unable to get AdSense approved for my account, Then I applied with my previous blog but darn, the blog probably did not meet their demands and I was never approved. Few months laters I got AdSense approved for my blog but that didn't live long enough, to my detriment and after been blown off by the infamous Adsense Disablement ish (made me ditch my previous blog)... Months after setting up my new blog, I had to look for an AdSense alternative, and every research I made, didn't exclude Infolinks, and this made me think highly of them and so I had to give an application another shot, this time within a day, I got approved to display ads on my blog... Bam! Such a nice achievement...

Getting To Understand Infolinks Better
One thing I got to understand about infolinks is the fact that, the team behind that ad network accepts blogs even without huge some traffic but wouldn't want just any website or blog, I was centered on something more versatile, probably that got me approved or maybe I applied on a good day or probably application over time, became so easy... 

An Overview
Infolinks was established in 2007. They serve internet driven ads on publishers sites by analyzing the site content. Infolinks offers publishers a good number of ad units choice, this can help you properly monetize your site.   

Available Ad Types
Infolinks offers publishers 6 choices of ad units which you can use together. These ads automatically integrate into your blog after you have placed their tag in your blog theme file. These ad types will be briefly discussed

Intext ads

as the name implies, this type of ad operates by finding the best keyword in your posts' content and inserting relevant link ads. I kind of didn't like this ad type because readers may never get to finish reading an article in your blog. 

Intag ads

the intag ads are placed directly below your posts. The auto generated and highlighted ads are keywords related to your topic or triggered by intent. Ads are displayed only when users hover over an intag link ad. This ad takes the look of your blogs link colour. This ad type I love.

InScreen ads
this ad pops up during psgeviews. To avoid being rather annoying, infolinks made it possible for publishers to choose when the ad pops up; When a user enters your site, a visitor visits internal pages or when a user about leaving a site. It may be annoying but the ability to control how it works is great!

Infold ads
These ad slides in from your blogs' footer (preferable to say) when a visitor surfs your site. This ad tends to catch the attention of blog visitors.

InFrame ads
 inframe ads appear in a sites margin

InArticle ads (Sponsored ads)

 this type of ad works best for viral blogs or general niche blogs. The ad promotes content from popular and premium publishers. The sponsored content is intergrated below a site's content or blog post.

As you can see above, infolinks offers users a unique monetization with automatic insertion. All you need do is integrate their code in your theme file.

Joining Infolinks
Registering and waiting for approval is all you need to do to get an infolinks account. Once your site gets approved, which may take relatively few hours, you will need to integrate the Infolinks code you’ll be given into your site. Integrating the code is very important as it helps your ads go live.
Getting approved by infolinks may be relatively easy so far you blog about relevant topics, avoid profanity and ensure your blog is not under construction...

Does Infolinks Work With AdSense
Yes, infolinks works well with AdSense and other adnetworks you might want to use.

Things To Know About Infolinks
  • Easy to get approved
  • Publisher panel is easy Understand
  • Easy to integrate.
  • Does not eat up your blogs' ad space since display is automatic.
  • They show more of Facebook ads which may be a turn off.
  • You need a reasonable amount of traffic to earn some bucks.
  • Infolink is a good AdSense alternative.
So you seem to like infolinks? Then what are you waiting for?

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