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blog that matters

There are a lot of blogs out there right now and most readers get confused on which to bookmark... It's really not easy when it comes to choosing between blogs that you are willing to stick to as a blog reader.

As a blogger, to start a blog that matters, we need to be blog readers as well... And which blog should intending and new bloggers stick to? Blogs that can help them boost their blogging skill and grow in their specific niche.

 I spend some reasonable amount of time reading blog posts of other bloggers in the same niche and most times I get topic ideas from these blogs...

Every blogger longs for such blog and invariably I do to...  I wouldn't want to start a blog that self destructs because I don't have the resources to renew my domain name or you with a self hosted blog giving up because you don't have the funds to renew your hosting; This article may be for you.

A tree can not make a Forrest, surely it needs other plants to make that forest... So, if you want to build a blog that matters, you need to learn from top bloggers...
 Some top bloggers in my niche are IFTISEO, ICANBUILDABLOG, SHOUTMELOUD and a host of many others... These guys started out earlier and me learning from them will definitely help me build a blog that matters a lot...

Apart from learning from pros in your niche, you also need the right idea of what you are into... This means you need to have basic knowledge of what you do and why you do it... 
Don't be extremely money conscious,
Don't limit your self to external brands, build your own brand.
Don't be rigid, let the world see your plans
Don't let one advertising scheme weigh you down.

Starting a blog that matters ranges from 
Choosing the right niche
Choosing the right domain
Choosing the best webhost
Setting up your blogging domain
Learning from older bloggers in your niche
Blogging appropriately...

Not so easy but very achievable...

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