How To Start A Blog With Less Than 2USD N1000

Thursday, January 19, 2017 No Comments

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Starting a blog with just 2usd, approximately N1000 might just sound too good to be true, but truth be told, there is nothing surprising in starting a blog with just 2usd compared to what most webmasters argue...

If you are building your online presence for the first time and don't have enough funds to start off that beautiful journey, you can settle for my own option, "Starting Small"... It actually doesn't hurt a bit...

The best option in starting out small is creating your blog on blogger, the most popular free blogging platform used by many bloggers. 

Some bloggers seem to shy away from creating their blog on blogger for reasons best known to them, while many put their blogging plans on hold because they don't want to have some extremely long blog URL since bloggers creating a free blog have to settle for the default sub domain. Imagine a blog with '' not cool right?...

The good thing about creating a blog on blogger is that it is free and you can add you own custom domain for free which over rides the default sub domain...
Now this ushers us into the spending less than 2usd title.

Naturally, Domains costs up to 14usd approximately 4500 naira and not everyone can afford that or is willing to settle for such amount but the good news here is that with Godaddy, you can get your domain for as low as .99usd for the first year.
Not too good to be true, but true...
You Will hopefully spring up before your domain is due for renewal...

Check here for the list of coupon codes you can use to get your own domain name with less than 2usd.

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