Vlogging; What You Should Know

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What is a Vlog?
A Vlog is a blog in which the postings are primarily in video form. Thus, a vlog is a video blog. One of the best places to start a vlog is "YouTube".

Blogging is more appreciated than Vlogging (That's why everyone wants to blog!) and most people want to become bloggers and not vloggers.
But we don't all have to ignore vlogging for blogging, besides you can run both...

About YouTube
You've probably heard a lot about YouTube and in one way or the other you have watched a video on YouTube...  In case you don't know, YouTube is a Large video sharing site, owned by google!

About Vlogging
The Good thing you probably didn't know about vlogging is that it isn't really saturated and vloggers are easily approved by the popular AdSense unlike bloggers! 
So, You want to start a vlog and make some cash?
well, vlogging on YouTube is the next big thing, that's if you play your dice well.

What Makes Vlogging Different
So over the years, I've watched videos on YouTube and discovered how great vlogging was. It has obviously become a popular method to share your ideas on a subject to your audience online. Unlike blogging, which is composed by words and images, vlogging transform your content into an audio-visual broadcast. Sometimes watching and listening does a whole lot of good than just reading...

Want To Start A Vlog?
Want some great tips on how to start a YouTube channel?
Then Read; How to Start A Vlog 

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