A Shady Review Of My Blogging In 2016

Saturday, December 31, 2016 No Comments

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2016 blogging review

2016 came like it was never gonna end, Here now we are in the last day of the year, 2016, whether horrible or adorable as the case may be... Here and now I want to review my presence online in 2016!
I don't know how your moments were in 2016  but I've got moments I would want to and not want to share... some things are better left unsaid...

I started this blog roughly on August this year (2016) I hope by the same time next year (2017), I Would have achieved a whole lot of stuff with it...Although I was able to do some stuff apart from just blogging to making some bucks by writing for another blogger... I tested my writing skills and it was cool but I still had to struggle with procrastination! trust me it's evil! 
2016 taught me not to hide in the dark... trust me, there's no reason to keep hiding out. It's really not hard to regret. 
Actually the whole lot I learnt this year isn't as much as I wish I could learn... but it is still cool to take one step at a time...

The most difficult step I took this year was ditching my first blog and venturing into something I actually had interest in, I obviously was sick and tired of walking with the crowd! I needed to write my own blog posts... 
Reading numerous blog posts which I've lost count of had a bit of positive impact on my decisions and blog creation...
There is only one way to start, and that's by taking the first step...
Whatever I do here, I do it because it's worth it!

Maybe I still got a whole lot of things to struggle with but, trust me, 2017 surely will be better, I actually can't wait to step of this year. 

Things we have to leave behind with 2016
Shyness (No one is staring at your face)

This post may be pointless, but it's not really pointless

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