How To Choose The Perfect Blog Design

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perfect blog design
Happy new month!

Your theme/template is an important aspect of your blog aside its content. whether you are getting ready to start a new blog or redesigning an already existing blog, you need to pay absolute attention
to the theme you want to install. The most important aspect of a good theme is that it should fulfill you and your readers requirements.

Things to look out for before choosing a blog template.

1. Impression
while choosing a theme, you should be able to select one that blend in with your niche. one that tells of what you blog about. The theme should be a straightforward that it should quickly assist a new visitor in getting an overview of what your blog is all about. 

2. SEO Friendliness
Search Engine Optimization is very important in running a blog. get a SEO friendly theme that in its coding and basic structure obeys the SEO rules.

3. Colour Combination 
Your blog theme should have a beautiful colour combination, one that I'd not too loud or too pale... You can use a green or brown background for a nature-oriented blog. Use minimal and subtle colors for a personal blog. When your blog represents a company or organization, you should use the identification colours of that company and not just any colour.

4. Responsiveness 
These days bloggers are advised to integrate responsiveness to their blogs is so that it fits into any screen that it is being viewed on. Get a responsive theme to boost your user engagement. 

5. Load Time
Some themes are packed up with JavaScript and naked CSS codes which increase the load time. Although getting a perfect design goes along with increased load time but you should find a blog theme that has either a shorter load time or try optimizing the code to decrease load time. 

6. Gadget space
A good template/design should have a gadget space like the sidebars and footers where you put information and other blog attributes different from your blog posts.

7. Ads Ready 
Do you intend monetizing your blog?  If you do, then before choosing a blog design, you should look out for it's ad space... Your blog theme should have proper space for advertisements, without mingling with the main content.

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Once again,  HAPPY New MONTH

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