DIY Fashion Vloggers To Subscribe To On YouTube

Thursday, November 10, 2016 No Comments

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Hi there, it's been a whole lot of off days for me...  fell a little bit ill but I'm back bigger and better! 
So!  during those days I literally couldn't or decided I couldn't write,  I spent them on YouTube!

So,  I spent my time obviously not in vain because I'm going to be sharing with you one of the best DIY fashion vloggers you should subscribe to on YouTube if you are so fashion inclined! 

These vloggers enjoy teaching you crafts and hacks...  one of the best I actually watched was being taught how to transform my old wears to something literally amazing and wow! 

The vloggers who made my tiny list are:
She is beautiful, and super talented... I don't expect everyone to love her but she is worth your love... 

This vlogger works by her name and gives you a cool compilations of cool DIY hacks you can try at home... 

Basically centered on DIY hacks, this vlogger is there to shock you with her cool DIY fashion hacks. 

Xosolovely .Emily Grace
Another cool DIY vlogger you should follow.

The Viral Thing
everything about her videos is worth going viral!  subscribe to her now.

Kenzie Koutre
She is cool and she's got an amazing voice as well.

There are a whole lot of DIY fashion vloggers on YouTube you could subscribe to if you are so much into fashion... The list is endless, but you can start with the few mentioned above... 

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