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In this tutorial, we will be explaining how to replace the default blogger comment system to disqus comment system.
Before we integrate disqus comment system let’s know what disqus is and how it can improve our user engagement.

Disqus is a feature rich comment system used by many blogs and websites across the world. It provides access to easy moderation, advanced integration and administration.

Disqus is spam free, SEO friendly and above all, it has a better look and feel compared to the default blogger comment system.
It allows multiple replies to a comment.
You can share your comments to social medias and make some cash through the links displayed.

Below are the Steps to Guide you in Disqus comment system integration.
  1. First thing first, create an account with, You have the option of signing up with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.
  2. Once you have signed up, click on a continue link that appears. this will redirect you to the next page where you click on, I WANT TO INSTALL DISQUS IN MY SITE.
  3. The next page after you click the above is where you choose a unique username for your blog and its category. once done, click CREATE SITE, Click on LET'S GET STARTED.
  4. Choose your platform. since you blog on blogger, select blogger.
  5. Once you've selected blogger, you will need to select 'Add "Username" to your blog' which directs you to select the blog you wish to integrate Disqus with.
  6. After you select the blog, click on "Add Widget".
Viola, you have integrated disqus comment system..

but that's not all.   
If you install Disqus comment system with the step above as directed by their site, it doesn't show up on the mobile  view of our default blogger template.

To make Disqus comment system become part of our blog's mobile view,  we need to insert a little code into our newly installed Disqus comment widget. 

How to Get this to work. 
Backup your blogger template. 
Once you've backed it up, click on edit template and search for; 
then replace it with;
"mobile='yes' title='Disqus"

The code looks like the one below after replacement ..


now save your template and you've integrated Disqus to the mobile view of your blog. 

If the explanation is not understandable, feel free to leave a comment, I will reply you as soon as I can.

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