Guides To Being A Good Personal Blogger

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Who is a personal blogger? 
You probably know who a personal blogger is, because if you don't, you may not be here... but, I may be wrong. you probably don't even know what a personal blog is all about... 

So,  now, for those who do not know who a personal blogger is;  A personal Blogger is one who blogs about his or her life... yeah, I tell you my story, you get glued to my blog for reasons best known to you... lol
Personal Bloggers mostly blog about Their Personal Fashion style, Hobbies, Life hacks and things that matters to them. and this things, may also matter to you as a reader... 

Sometimes, being a personal blogger can be a big ish when you run out of possible topics to get the blog going... obviously, you wouldn't want to blog crappy, else you lose your lovely readers. 
Your thoughts are private but once you blog them, you’re inviting the public to read them, Thus, there is a need to keep them reader friendly...  And like professional or business blogs, you need to make your posts outstanding and intriguing. 

What makes you a Good Personal Blogger? 

Your consistency
As a good blogger, who wants to keep getting visited by readers, you need to blog consistently... At least An article a day won't break your busy day if you are a busy person. 

Every personal blogger ought to be unique because, posts should come from the heart, and not from someone else's blog post... 

Your Communication Skills
You should be a good communicator. When your readers, throw a comment on your blog, let them know that they are well appreciated and give them a reply... it wont, break a bone... 

Beautify Your Posts
Think beyond text. Use photos, graphics, video, audio and presentations. These will help your personal blog. Always use pictures with permission. sites like offer free image downloads. 

Share your content in the right place. 
You shouldn't paste your posts on every available social media platform. Know what interests the users of such platforms. Consider where your topic makes sense. you can join groups on facebook that are closely related to your blogging line. 

Watch your language . 
Don't go vulgar or use hardened words on your posts. It’s important that you know the kind of words you attach to your post's because it reflects on your blog and brand.

Plan for your blog’s future . 
It's amazing when you picture the success of your blogging in years to come. but aside thinking and imagining, Do you see the content on your blog leading someday? 

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