How to make money Online in Nigeria

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make money online in nigeria

Welcome to Nigeria where everything seem so hard and not so easy...
Making money online may be an easy nut to crack but due to the many restrictions, it has become some really hard nut to crack in Nigeria. ... 
Here are few ways to make money online in Nigeria...

1. Blogging
Of course,  this is one amazing way to make money online if you are patient... 
To make money this way, you need to build your blog patiently until advertisers cannot reject your request to promote ads. 
You can also be a micro niche blogger in that you blog on a particular niche and place affiliate links in it to get commission for every purchase made through your link. 

2. Working as a promoter 
You can work as a promoter for sites like winthrillsnetwork.
You copy ads and post on facebook,  twitter,  google and LinkedIn... 

3. Taking Surveys
You can actually make money online by being a surveyor for sites like point2shop, surveysavvy and more.. 

4. Selling your qualifications 
You can sell your qualifications online in that you showcase what qualities you have and let people hire you... Sites like freelancer and fiverr are good places to make money with your qualifications 

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