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Blogging have outrightly become a popular hobby and job…
Everyday,  new bloggers emerge and everyday,  bloggers are seeking for somewhere to start

the race without much hitches…

Choosing a good host for your new WordPress blog can be one hard nut to crack.
Most beginners usually prefer starting up with free hosting to learn WordPress & try things out, pending when they can move to a premium hosting service later on. As at this post, I am with a free hosting.

You probably need to surface online but don’t want to use one of these free blogging platform, and you’ve decided to opt in for  yet you do not have the money to host your blog. 

Well,  worry no more as I found the best free host for you.

There are tons of free hosts out there but most of these free host aren’t any where near capable to host a blog.
Because, most of these free host do not give room for ssl certificate and installation of some wordpress plugins. most importantly most free hosts block access to XML-RPC, Wondering why you need XML-RPC feature? If your host blocks XML-RPC, your blog won’t work with Windows live writer which is a desktop blogging tool , and you will only blog directly from WordPress blog editor. Similarly, many other services which rely on XML-RPC service will stop working. So,  XML-RPC is definitely needed if you want to blog directly from an application.

Here, to surprise you is  a free host known as
Freehostia render both free and paid hosting with customer care and outstanding uptime… 

Features in image below

free WordPress host

Trust me, with little cons, freehostia is worth considering if you are about starting your blogging journey but lack the fund to host…

Try it out for free… 

This post isn’t sponsored. 

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