Why Blogger Is The Best Place To Blog For Free

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Start a blog

Blogger is the best platform for beginners and it is even cool for professionals.
Having used blogger to start up my blogging spree four years ago, I’ve realized that unlike what many feel about blogger's complex interface, I understand blogger more.

There are lots of free blogging platforms out there but blogger has proven to be the best of them.

If you don't have the funds to create the perfect WordPress.org blog, you could just stick to blogger.com. even if you don't like the default template, there are tons of free and premuim blogger templates online!

I tried using WordPress.com but I couldn’t understand its numerous limitations and although I could learn, I was in love with blogger already and couldn’t switch.

1. Blogger is a free hosting site and unlike WordPress.com, its users have access to unlimited hosting space.

2. Unlike wordpress.com, Blogger doesn’t and wouldn't prompt any user to display ads on their blogs for the services rendered. Thus ads on any blogger blog appears because such user want to monetize their blogs. You can monetize your blog by applying for AdSense.

3. Blogger is more friendly to blogs hosted on its platform and also auto indexes its hosted blogs. 

4. Blogger allows users to purchase and add a Custom domain to their blog to override the default URL for free.

5. Blogger allows varieties of plugins but many users do not know about this…

6. You could customize your template and add raw XML modifications to your blog template.

7. CSS on blogger is very easy to add

8. AdSense with blogger is even easier if you build your blog beautifully and content wise…

9. There tons of free and different varieties of templates for blogger users... Be it fashion, news, sports, games and even games!

In as much as I prefer blogger to WordPress, WordPress is an awesome blogging platform if you are paying for it. You can actually opt in for the self hosted WordPress using a good web host.

READ Best Free Hosting For a Wordpress Blog

I wouldn’t advice anyone to start up a blog on the WordPress.com blogging platform, because it is so limited and the long run may have to spend some money.

Although blogger is free to use, you need to be civil in your part to avoid termination. Thus do not post adult related stuff on your blogs!

If you are ready to start your free blog, head over here and read a simple guide on creating your first blogger blog.

How To Add and Use Custom Fonts In Blogger And WordPress

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Custom web fonts
Blogger provides limited font styles for its users despite the availability of numerous fonts in the google web fonts. It's OK to get tired of the default fonts provided by blogger in the template designer. Also, you might want something girly, chic or fancy either for ads or blog header

There are tons of beautiful fonts online that will bring more life to your posts as well as design. Yes, your fonts can actually make your blog look beautiful.

Good news is, If your desired font is not in the Blogger template designer, you can add fonts to Blogger manually.

The most popular web font directory is Google Font library, which is a greatly utilized by web developers and designers. Unlike most web font sites, the fonts hosted on google are free for personal or commercial purposes and are easily accessible.

To add a font manually to your blog, all you have to do is head over to google web font, and find a preferred font (There are lots of fonts to choose from, don't get confused)

Add custom web fonts to blogger and wordpress
Once you've seen a font you'd want, you can click on its title which will take you to a new window. In the new window, click on “SELECT THIS FONT”.

custom web fonts for blogger and wordpress
You can simply click on the small round button just beside its title. You've selected a font and it will be displayed on a bar at the bottom of your browser window.

Click on the bar at the button of your browser window to show your recently selected font. You will see two fields with an HTML link and CSS code respectively (those are the key to a new font on your blog)

Now Copy the HTML link as seen and navigate to your templates HTML file, search for </head> then paste it just above it and save.
The </head> is found in the header.php file for WordPress users.

Google web fonts implemented
(Do not use the @import method to add a new font in your blog as it will affect your blog).

Important Notice:
Every HTML link must have a proper closing tag so to prevent getting an error message in an attempt to save your template, add this “/” just after stylesheet" and before > thus your HTML link will look like this <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Bubbler+One" rel="stylesheet"/>

Now that you've added the font to your blog, you need it to come to life and to do that you should change your blog's font family with its CSS code, depending on the font you'd like to change.

For bloggers Using Blogger.com
If you want to change your header font, all you have to do copy your new font's CSS and search for .Header h1 and replace the font-family CSS with the new one. If there is no font family simply paste your copied CSS code.

To change your post title font, simply search for h3.post-title and follow the step above.

To change your post body font, search for .post-body (follow the step above.)

To change your sidebar widget Title
Search for .sidebar h2 (follow the step above.)

To change your blog pager font search for .blog-pager a (follow the step above.)

If you'd rather not go through the stress above simply copy the CSS code below making sure to reply the font with your desired font and pasting it inside the Custom CSS box found in the advanced section of your blogger template editor.

.post-body, h3.post-title, .blog-pager a, .header h1 {
font-family: 'Bubbler One', San-Serif !important;

The CSS above with override your current font family.

Save all changes to see the new font on your blog.

Google web fonts
Its very possible to add multiple web fonts to your site. All you have to do is select the Google Fonts needed. They will be combined in one link.

Need more help? A comment should draw my attention to whatever you are facing.

Recommended and Must Have Android Applications For Bloggers; 2017 Version

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Recommended android applications for bloggers
Truth be told, though hard to believe, there are tons of bloggers out there who enjoy blogging with their smart phones, whilst others make their smart phones a sidekick to their laptops. Not withstanding, the android apps below will be of great use to both parties.

I've previously shared a simple post detailing recommended android applications for bloggers, today, I will be sharing a few more important android applications every blogger should have on their smart phones. (The 2017 Version!)
They are all Free to Use!

Recommended android applications for bloggers

1. Blogging Apps
The most important android app a blogger should have on their smart phone is a blog posting application. WordPress and blogger and other major blog hosts have their official apps on playstore but I will be list alternatives to blogger app because its not really cool and user friendly.
Below are some cool alternative to blogger.

a) blogit
The best of the rest to me. You can edit your post in both HTML and simple texts, has simple implementation for some codes

b) bloggerdroid
Very Simple and lightweight, gives you simple symbols that works in your posts. Though I wish we didn't have to write our posts directly with HTML codes.

c) blogaway
A unique feature is that, you can change the color of your write up and schedule posts. Though this app is nice, the pictures uploaded to your blog via blogaway is somehow not recognised by fb when sharing your link.

2. Photo Editing Apps
It's nothing new that you need outstanding pictures for your blog posts and to do that, you would definitely need a photo editor to customize and beautify your pictures for the best result. Below is the most recommended photo editors.

a). Piscart
This is surely the best android photo editor you can ever come across, at least for now. It is an all in one application. I'm a big fan of PicsArt and it's been an important part of my blogging journey as it helps me edit my pictures. All you need is some basic knowledge of how the app works. Read more about PicsArt

b). Textgram
This comes in handy if you'd rather have something simple and an app to enable write on your photos alone.

c). VSCO
This application will come in handy for bloggers who just need beautiful filters on their pictures... There lots of filters that can transform your pictures to beautiful, classic and chic pictures. Some filters are paid.

3. Dictionary and Thesaurus
What's a smart phone without a dictionary app? Every learned individual needs to have a dictionary on their phones. Moreover, you need it while writing and surfing the web. We come across new words every day!
Thesaurus is also useful for get words antonyms and synonyms.
Some Dictionary and Thesaurus apps include
~ Offline English Dictionary
~ Merriam Webster Dictionary
~ Offline Thesaurus Dictionary
~ Webster's Thesaurus Dictionary.

4. Grammarpal
It's really a pal. So I never knew there was something this cool in playstore until I made a simple search and there it was waiting to be downloaded. I wouldn't call it perfect or 100% reliable but I bet it will find the error you wouldn't even notice. This application checks for spelling, grammar as well as double word spacing.

5. Keyword Research Tool
You can't deny the fact that you actually need the right keywords for your blog post. Whilst there are premium keyword researching tools, a developer have been kind enough to create a such tool, totally perfect for beginners.

6. Schedulers and Multi-posters
Well, I couldn't find a better Title for this. (You can help me all the same). When I say schedulers and multi-posters, I actually meant applications that let you schedule posts and images to your social media pages... Such applications are extremely handy and Slightly important when it comes to bring traffic to older and ignored posts on your blog
Below are the popular and Recommended applications

7. Trends
This app is highly recommended for entertainment, news and political bloggers who would want to stay up to date. As the name implies, this app shows the latest trends online at specific geographic locations which to me is just perfect!

8. Pixabay
Pixabay has the largest database of completely free to use pictures. The tool was introduced in this post alongside other sites with free pictures. Good thing they created an android app for their site as this will make finding images even simpler.

Must have android applications for blogging

9. URL Shortener
If you often shorten long and spammy looking URLs, then you will find this app very handy. The application shortens your URLs to the official google URL shortener goo.gl. I love this application because all you need to do is copy, paste and click on shorten! Apart from shortening your links, you also star important links and see each Link's click stats.

10. Adverts
Adverts is the official Facebook ads app. If you create and run Facebook ads, I bet you'd need this application for easy access.

11. Writer Plus
This is simply an application for writing. The one feature I love about it is the fact that you can undo and redo actions, in case you make mistakes. This application also count your words as you write. So, what's not to love about writerP? Its simple and classic!

This is now the one of the most efficient auto post tool. You have the leverage to auto post your new blog posts/images to Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr and more. This application make ms the features easy to access.

13. Video and Picture Watermakers
Are you one among a thousand persons who create pictures or videos for their blog posts and wouldn't want them used by someone else without getting due credits? Well, You might want reconsider not leaving your pictures/videos open to the public preys by using any of the android applications below.
Recommended Apps
a) Logolicious
b) Add Watermark

14. Pinterest
Pinterest is a very cool application of its main web page... You need it on your phone to regularly draw traffic by pining imaged

15. Quora
Quora is one of the best application when it comes to getting new post ideas because, every minute new problem and question surfaces. Apart from giving you post ideas, you get a chance to promote your blog posts by answering relevant answers, then leaving a link to your blog post.

16. AndFTP
This application is specially recommended for bloggers using WordPress with an annoying media upload limit... You can use AndFTP to upload your files to your wordpress blog directly with your android phone...

17. HTML, XHTML, XML Code Editors
You'll need this application if you'd love to edit your blog theme. All you have to do is download the XML file, open with an editor and work on it. There are lots of code editors on play store, but I make use of quickedit, not the best if them all, but it's definitely useful and handy.
Quoda is also a handy code editor fid android phone users.

18. Screen recoders
Perfect for tutorial bloggers.
Some screen recorders include;
~ Mobizen
~ Du Recorder
~ Az recorder.

There are tons of recommended android applications perfect for bloggers online, and the list above is highly recommended for you... Apart from the above list below are few other android application you might find important...

• File unzippers
There are tons of unzippers online but I make use of Easyunrar because it's lightweight and simple.

• Apowersoft Screenshot taker
This application takes a full screenshot of virtually anything on your smartphone. Though most smartphones have inbuilt screenshot takers, apowersoft can serve as a more advanced counterpart because you can draw, crop, highlight, edit and write on screenshots taken.

Premium blogger templates Recommended for personal, lifestyle and Feminine Bloggers

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feminine blogger template
Have you ever been stuck on what design to use for your blogger blog because you invariably hate the default blogger Templates given to us. Well, a good number of us actually don't use the default blogger template.

Having a personal blog doesn't end at posting daily or often about your personal life, it also has to do with a beautiful blog design that can give your readers an insight about what the blog they visit is all about! Of course, your design does matter!

I could easily tell a news blog from a fashion, personal, health, lifestyle, or food blog by merely staring at its design!
Bottom line?
Choose the right design/theme/template for your blog.

Below are 5 Inexpensive Premium blogger templates specially recommended for personal, lifestyle and feminine bloggers. Trust me, you'd love them.

1. Cinderella
Cinderella responsive blogger template
Cinderella is a responsive Premium Blogger Template. It has a beautiful design layout and it's perfect for fashion, lifestyle and personal blogs. The modern look it comes with can make your blog look unlike the usual blogger blog.
This theme is SEO Optimized and was built current design trends in mind. It’s perfect choice you wouldn't regret.

2. Splendid
Splendid feminine blogger template
Splendid is a beautiful and minimalistic blogger theme perfect for personal blogs, niche blogs, fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, Beauty/fashion blogs and all kinds of creative blog. This blogger theme comes with amazing features such as, Instagram Widget For Blogger, twitter Widget, Pinterest Rich pins Share . This theme would work for all kinds of media in post, including videos and soundcloud audio.

3. Milla
Milla clean blogger template
Milla is a clean and modern blogger template, Grid-based masonry desktop layout with elegant and classic look. The template is a multi purpose design look suitable for virtually all kinds of bloggers using the blogspot platform... I personally live the mobile view.

Oslo chic blogger template
Oslo is a beautiful minimalist and responsive blogger template. It has a slider for recent posts which is visible exclusively on the homepage.
This template has a stylish Drop down menu, automatic categories on the menu, and unlimited social media icons.
Looking for a chic blogger template? Well, you got OSLO staring at you!
I will recommend this template to lifestyle and personal bloggers.

5. Clean and simple
Clean and simple pre-made blogger template
Simple and Clean is an indeed simple blogger Theme with a beautiful interface. It features the modern and chic approach we'd take in all our design creations.
This premde blogger template is very easy to navigate and its smooth appearance will enable your blog readers focus on the content of your website.

Eye Opening Tips For New Bloggers; Read this DO's and DON'Ts before Starting Your Blog

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Blogger guides
It's okay to finally realise that you need to start your blog. Welcome to the blogging family, you will have fun blogging.

If you are ready to create a blog but somehow met a dead end as to where and how to host your blog, then this post was crafted for you.

Before you start your blog, I'd be glad if you don't rush your intentions as you might end up regretting your actions!

Below are the Basic Do's and Don'ts for Start up bloggers
1. Do host your blog on free blog hosts, (blogger preferably) if you don't have the funds to acquire a self hosted blog but while to you create your blog on blogger, don't use the default domain URL, get a Custom domain. Read this post to get a Domain for as low as 1usd (first her alone)

2. Do host your blog on WordPress if you have just enough funds to manage a self hosted blog but be sure to consider the security of your blog as WordPress blogs are prone to cyber attacks.

3. Don't settle for cheap webhosts, your blog might enjoy being down and inaccessible regularly Read this Post to guide on how to start a self hosted WordPress blog with blue.

Recommended webhosts

4. Do start your blog with blogger if you just need somewhere to simply share your stories. (No lies wordpress has an upper hand, but that doesn't make blogger uncool)

5. If you want to sell stuff online, then WordPress CMS is the perfect choice... Woo commerce plugin is actually one of the best e-commerce software (you can actually sell on blogger by adding a simple cart to your blog)

6. Don't buy a domain with your real name unless you want a personal blog... You might end up changing your domain in the nearest future because it doesn't fit your niche (you will lose traffic, start all over again and lose your Google ranking!)

7. Don't host your blog on wordpress.com if you've not read this wordpress.com and wordpress.org comparison

8. Free themes are cool, but there is nothing more perfect than having your own blog design and feel having little or no similarities with the blog next door! There are tons of premium blogger themes as well as wordpress themes online...

Check out
~ premium wordpress themes on themeforest
~ Premuim wordpress themes on Elegant themes
Check out
~ premium blogger themes on themeforest
~ Premuim blogger themes on Templateism

9 Still, on blog themes, Don't download nulled themes, especially if you are on a .wordpress hosted blog because you might be endangering your site. Moreover, most nulled scripts come on links and ads hidden inside the template script.

10. Do create a Facebook page, twitter and Pinterest account with your blog name, someone else might just take your name before you know it.

11. Every new blog needs awareness and recognition... Share your blog post and tell the world there is a new kid in the block!
~ Submit your blog to Google Search Console
~ Submit it to bing
~ Submit it to yandex and other top search engines

12. Don't worry so much about making money just yet, because it will kill your blogging spirit with Time when a little failure set in. First thing first, struggle to get traffic to your blog genuinely. Commenting on and leaving a link back on relevant blogs is one of the best ways to start getting traffic to your blog.

The list is endless, this is just much off what I can think of presently but good thing is, the above listed “DO's and DONT's” will go a long way in helping you set up your new blog!

Have something to add up there? I'd be glad to hear more from you!

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