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Blogging; Does It Even Matter? Struggling To stay Relevant

Saturday, April 22, 2017 1 Comment
You've probably asked yourself this question and I'm in no way different... A whole lot of things pushed me to asking such a question and one of them is Time!

There probably isn't Much time for you and your blog...
 You have to sit, write, rewrite, edit, proofread, edit publish, share and monitor your post. Hectic huh?
Seriously how often can you or can I do that?

Now this is not about how you picture blogging but about why you had to ask that question?

For me, I'd say, I ask such a question due to my profound procrastinating habit which I obviously thought I had over come but Nada! I probably haven't made up my mind to win that dude yet... Lol, or maybe I'm just playing the blame game... Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't... #GuiltyAsCharged

Now far from the frivolities above
Why do you think blogging isn't your thing? Could it be any of the listing below?

  • Probably because you are not making a dime BLOGGING yet or you are not pulling the traffic you think you deserve? 
  • Are your schedules too congested to just find a spot for a new hobby?
  • Maybe you are blogging in a niche you aren't interested in? (There's always time to switch over to something you'd love).
  • You are probably disappointed because you always thought blogging as an easy nut to crack? (It's not too late to realized the reality).
  • Are you destabilized because you never know what to blog about? I've got a list Blog Topic Idea Generators HERE.
  • Do you think settling for one theme is your biggest challenge? (I always thought I was addicted to editing my template until I settled with one... Maybe you aren't just satisfied yet) you might want to check out a list of free feminine blogger themes, free WordPress themes with removal footer credits and WordPress themes for ladies.
  • Or better still You are struggling with procrastination! It's a sister to failure... Let's make a Challenge!

A whole lot of things, maybe far from the listings above trigger the question "Is blogging Right for me?"

The only time this question pinches hard enough is when it comes in the monetization perspective... If you want to make it one, You need to pull the bull by the horn... We can really make money blogging...

April is gradually coming to an End and the year is running fast, but I have achieved little or nothing, the internet seem inaccessible yet I read lots of blogging income reports. ( A very genuine reason you should never read blogging income reports! Lol...)

Now far from it all,
Don't give up, Every famous blogger was once a startup #Blogger
Did I mange to encourage Anyone? Lol.

How To Move From Blogger To Wordpress Without Losing Traffic

Monday, April 10, 2017 No Comment
migrate from blogger to WordPress
Moving from blogger to WordPress without losing traffic have been one very big challenge bloggers encounter while trying to step up to another phase in their blogging career.

Sometimes we realize how much we need to take control and total ownership of our blog and wish to move from being hosted to being self hosted but the major problem of this decision is coming to terms with the fact that you might lose a good percentage of your traffic due to changes that may occur mainly in your URL... 

 Apparently, transferring your posts from blogger to wordpress is not a big deal and the move has become so easy; thanks to the consistent updates by WordPress.Losing traffic after transfer is obviously a very big deal especially to bloggers having so many posts which can encourage manual set up for redirection...
Note; To make your migration easy, I you must have had a custom domain attached to your blogger blog. This process will not work for you and the transfer will be tedious if you do not have your custom domain already attached.

DIY Migrating from Blogger To Wordpress
The major goal of anyone moving to WordPress from blogger is to retain posts permalinks, probably pages as well in order to avoid losing traffic and Google ranking.

Moving your Domain From Blogger To wordpress
 I believe you have already set up your WordPress blog and moved your domain from blogger to your new wordpress site. But if you haven't, make the move and installation.

Guide; To move your domain to WordPress, switch over to publishing with your domain, then head over to your domain registrar and set your domain nameserver to point to your new hosting account.

Setting UpYour WordPress Blog
After switching your domain, through your hosting account install WordPress to work with your domain.

Guide; To set up your WordPress blog, login to your hosting cpanel which I assume you should have access to by now and install WordPress with the one click installer tool as provided by your host. This post will guide you on how to Start a WordPress blog with Bluehost 
Now That you have made the basic move, it's time to make the major move without losing traffic.

 Structuring WordPress Permalink to look like Blogger's
migrate from blogger to WordPress 
After installing your WordPress, login to your admin Dashboard and navigate to settings  >> Permalinks: select custom structure then paste the following below in the text space and save.


This is done in order to adapt to your previous blogger blog's permalinks.

NOTE; Please don't miss out adding the .html as it is very important since blogger includes it at the end of their permalinks but WordPress doesn't.

Moving your blog posts, image, categories s, labels and pages to your new blog.
migrate from blogger to WordPress
  1. In order to move your blog posts, images and comments to wordpress, you need to download them by logging into to your blogger blog dashboard. Click on Settings >> Others then find and click on back up content; your posts, images and comments will be downloaded; you should take note of the file name which is in xml formant. You are ready to make your move.
  2. Head over to wordpress, login and navigate to Tools >> import options then select blogger : click on Install Plugin to install the importer plugin and activate after installation,.
  3. Run the Importer plugin you just installed and choose file then click on upload file and import. All your posts, images and comments from your Blogger will start importing into WordPress.
  4. Incase importer stops the process prematurely, click on Continue; you may need to keep clicking on it, until you are asked to Set Authors. This shows that importation is successful thus your blog is now imported.
Note: WordPress Importer do not import your categories and pages from blog; but this can be done manually.
In order to redirect your labels and pages to your new WordPress blog categories and pages, I suggest you search, the plugin "Redirection", install and activate then click on tools, the newly installed plugin is placed under your tools... 
Run the Redirection plugin and add your blogger page url and new wordpress page url as seen below;
You can use the formant above to redirect your blogger labels to your WordPress categories after placing your Posts under different categories...

Changing blogger blog Feed URL to WordPress Feed url

If you use feedburner, login into your feedburnder account, select Your blog's feed account then click on "EDIT FEED DETAILS", then replace your blogger blog feed URL with your new WordPress feed URL.

Secondary Blogger to WordPress Redirection
To avoid 404 error, although I did not try this on my newly redirected blog, you can do this in order to set up redirection on two levels, which is actually advisable.

Step 1: You need to redirect Blogger visitors to your new WordPress blog, to ensure that they get redirected to the post they came to read.
first thing first, login to your blogger account and click on Theme (formerly template) then revert to Classic theme. After reverting, click on " EDIT HTML",  delete the entire html then paste the code below... Be sure replace with your blog url.



Then save your template.

Setup redirection on your WordPress site so that users are redirected as stated above. Goto Appearance >> Editor, then look for functions.php then paste the code below after every other code, and save.
function blogger_query_vars_filter( $vars ) {
  $vars[] = "blogger";
  return $vars;
add_filter('query_vars', 'blogger_query_vars_filter');
function blogger_template_redirect() {
  global $wp_query;
  $blogger = $wp_query->query_vars['blogger'];
  if ( isset ( $blogger ) ) {
    wp_redirect( get_wordpress_url ( $blogger ) , 301 );
add_action( 'template_redirect', 'blogger_template_redirect' );
function get_wordpress_url($blogger) {
  if ( preg_match('@^(?:https?://)?([^/] )(.*)@i', $blogger, $url_parts) ) {
    $query = new WP_Query (
      array ( "meta_key" => "blogger_permalink", "meta_value" => $url_parts[2] ) );
    if ($query->have_posts()) {
      $url = get_permalink();
  return $url ? $url : home_url();
The code above creates a 301 redirection from blogger to WordPress. You've successfully MIGRATED FROM BLOGGER TO WORDPRESS, Without fear of losing traffic... In case you need help, you can contact me.

The Blogging Income Report Bloggers Want

Thursday, March 30, 2017 No Comment
blogging income reports
I've been online for a couple of years worth bragging about... yeah yeah, I know... what I'm I even bragging about? Nothing!

I've seen, read and gotten awe with the graceful blogging journey and monthly income reports from top bloggers... makes me want to puke! Jeez!

one thing peculiar to these bloggers is that, they started small, walked through thorns and somehow ended up making it big...

What stops you and I from making it big since obviously we also started small! but then I realized that these people didn't have to sleep or give up their way through money making.

Personally, I envy these bloggers but probably I've been lazy to step up my game... let's hope these blogging journey I'm about to share inspires and pull laziness off your hook, or do I say our hooks? lol.

1. Harsh Agarwal  CEO
Really which upcoming blogger will deny never bumping into shoutmeloud while seeking for help in search engines? This man seem to have covered several blogging tutorials you seek for... His blogging journey is a beautiful one, good enough to inspire and encourage you... Fun can end up bringing the pay checks...

His about page is one of the most inspiring write up to read if you are in the verge of giving up... He borrowed Money to buy his virtually great domain in 2008! The blogger acquired a house from his blogging income, has people working from him and runs other blogs and sites...

 Harsh's blogging journey is rather beautiful because he moved from blogging for fun to earning huge chunks of money monthly. His  income break down from blogging moved from $434 to over $343,90 monthly.

Really, his blogging journey all through 2008 till date is sincerely amazing.

2. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner CEO  
This blogger blogs about personal finance and lifestyle tips. He has been mentioned and awarded severally by notable blogs like Forbes, Ready for Zero, BadCredit, etc. 

Michelle who once worked as a financial analyst 2013 now earns a lot more than he was paid. He earned $139,233.11 in the first month of this year, 2017, his highest income report so far.

Seriously who doesn't want such monthly income.

3. Pat Flynn CEO I bumped into this blog while surfing the web in search of a cool business idea and got engrossed in his monthly income review from 2009 all through 2017... 

 Flynn lost his job, this definitely is the best thing that happened to him as it led him to starting Smartpassiveincome in 2008.

This blogger has definitely made himself a good amount of money blogging... His monthly Income report for February 2017 is $148,006.60.

4. Abby Lawson CEO
The former teacher and a stay at home mom makes a good living by blogging... Definitely making money online is not impossible, you just need of target it from the right angle.

Abby runs the blog with her husband and they both make cool incomes monthly from just blogging. They made $41,700 as at December 2016 and makes a whole lot more...

Do you know more bloggers with cool monthly income reports? Well your suggestions in the comment box will get the up here...

iwriter Review: Make Money Writing Articles

Thursday, March 30, 2017 No Comment
make money writing
It will be hard for start ups to make a living online if they choose to work in most work from home websites because these websites are often saturated with a number of workers having thousands of positive reviews and ratings. Who would  leave a man with 500 positive ratings and hire someone with little or no ratings? 1 in a 100 persons I guess. If you are a very good writer and wish to make money writing articles but do not want to go to those saturated sites, this post is directed specifically at you. In here, I will introduce iwriter to you. I honestly got to find out about this website few weeks ago, though it isn't new but the only excuse I have is " you definitely can not know it all!"

The good thing about iwriter is that, it is open to everyone, you don't have to bid or write some long proposal message, like most similar sites . You can register and start making money in less than a day. No jokes but not to sugarcoat anything, it isn't as easy as it probably looks to you. You need to know how to write good content and finish articles given to you in the stipulated time frame.

Joining iwriter
iwriter review
Being a part of iwriter is one of the simplest thing to do... You basically just have to fill in your details as you are use to doing online and get yourself an account. This site offers you what most websites don't and even as a new writer in the site, you get to make money writing articles in no time. This makes it the best place for a start up writer. As a member, you are a content writer and requester but you know what's your business in there.

There are level of writers in iwriter 
  1. The Standard writers, this is the level a new writer finds himself. Here your struggle for articles and  there are few requesters making use of writers in this level. It takes less than 30secs for an article request to be taken by another writer, I call it survivor of the fittest. To get out of this level, you need to write 30 articles and attain a star rating of 4 or more. Thus, you will have to struggle to build your rank to go higher.
  2. Premium writers; writers in this level have attained 30 positive reviews and a 4.6 star rating. They earn twice the amount a Standard writer earn per words requested. You will need to struggle to get here because there are more article requests waiting to be served.
  3. Elite Writers; If you can get to this level, then you will surely make a good living from writing articles because writers in here are paid twice the money premium writers are paid. 
  4. Elite Plus Writers;  getting here is pretty little tough. To mention but a few, you need to have good knowledge of Seo, be extremely good at writing, grammar construction and you should be able to write up to 10 articles per day. 
Image according to payments in all levels below.
make money writing articles
  From the explanations above, I guess you know what kind of writer you will be when you register. 

In case you detest being a standard writer and wish to become a premium writer easily, you can settle for iwriter's option of paying $197 and writing 3 articles on topics given to you. This doesn't guarantee you the promotion to a standard or elite writer...

getting Started as a writer
At this stage, I assume that you've created an account and ready to start writing, but before you begin, iwriter needs to test your skills. Don't worry, there are just 15 objective questions, not too difficult to answer. The questions are meant to test your use of English. Once you're done answering the questions, you will be taken to the Requesters page. Here you can pick an article you will be able to write. 

Writing your First Article
Their are lots of articles requests In the writers request page, but at this point, you can only write Standard level articles because you are a standard writer. Each level is indicated in the articles being requested. 

iwriter review

Always choose articles, rewrites and ebooks you can write and don't go copying and pasting or spinning articles for requesters, you won't last a week with such attitude. 
Read instructions given by the requester and contact him as the case may be.
Also, don't write shabbily, requesters can reject your article and give you negative reviews which wouldn't be good for your writing career in iwriter.

Getting paid
For the safety of writers, iwriter makes sure that a requester funds his account before requesting for articles... Thus, they stand as a middleman between the requester and the writer. Once a requester accepts an article, a writer's account gets credited with the stipulated cash

Iwriter offers a minimum payout of $20, strictly via paypal. The minimum payout can be easily reached, it is easier when you are a premium, elite or elite plus writer as 1 article can actually go beyond minimum payout. What happens when your country isn't accepted by paypal? Well, you can opt in to use 3rd party personnels to withdraw your cash.

Rules of iwriter
Iwriter despite looking so simple hold some strict rules writers need to work by in order to remain a part of iwriter's writers.
  1. As a new writer, you are expected not to have a rating of less than 3.0 after 5 articles, else you get banned from writing articles...
  2. If your account is repeatedly reported as spam, you risk losing your account.

What I Think About I writer
I've read in a couple of blogs and review sites that tag iwriter as scam. Truth is the site is no scam, however, it is filled with frustrating requesters who may reject your work and end up using it in their blogs.

The site also, may I say, do not care about their writers... You get your article rejected, given a bad review and probably get cheated... No admin looking out for the fareware of writers. iwriter makes article requesters gods over article writers. 

Note: Avoid requesters with low rate of approval as your article may never get approved...

After all said and done, if you think you got what it takes to make money writing articles in iwriter, what are you waiting for?


An Unbiased Infolinks Review

Friday, March 24, 2017 No Comment
Today, I will be going over the adnetwork, in my own way. let's find out if it is a good adsense alternative or one that can be used with adsense.

Discovering Infolinks
I found out about infolinks while searching for AdSense alternatives when I was unable to get AdSense approved for my account, Then I applied with my previous blog but darn, the blog probably did not meet their demands and I was never approved. Few months laters I got AdSense approved for my blog but that didn't live long enough, to my detriment and after been blown off by the infamous Adsense Disablement ish (made me ditch my previous blog)... Months after setting up my new blog, I had to look for an AdSense alternative, and every research I made, didn't exclude Infolinks, and this made me think highly of them and so I had to give an application another shot, this time within a day, I got approved to display ads on my blog... Bam! Such a nice achievement...

Getting To Understand Infolinks Better
One thing I got to understand about infolinks is the fact that, the team behind that ad network accepts blogs even without huge some traffic but wouldn't want just any website or blog, I was centered on something more versatile, probably that got me approved or maybe I applied on a good day or probably application over time, became so easy... 

An Overview
Infolinks was established in 2007. They serve internet driven ads on publishers sites by analyzing the site content. Infolinks offers publishers a good number of ad units choice, this can help you properly monetize your site.   

Available Ad Types
Infolinks offers publishers 6 choices of ad units which you can use together. These ads automatically integrate into your blog after you have placed their tag in your blog theme file. These ad types will be briefly discussed

Intext ads

as the name implies, this type of ad operates by finding the best keyword in your posts' content and inserting relevant link ads. I kind of didn't like this ad type because readers may never get to finish reading an article in your blog. 

Intag ads

the intag ads are placed directly below your posts. The auto generated and highlighted ads are keywords related to your topic or triggered by intent. Ads are displayed only when users hover over an intag link ad. This ad takes the look of your blogs link colour. This ad type I love.

InScreen ads
this ad pops up during psgeviews. To avoid being rather annoying, infolinks made it possible for publishers to choose when the ad pops up; When a user enters your site, a visitor visits internal pages or when a user about leaving a site. It may be annoying but the ability to control how it works is great!

Infold ads
These ad slides in from your blogs' footer (preferable to say) when a visitor surfs your site. This ad tends to catch the attention of blog visitors.

InFrame ads
 inframe ads appear in a sites margin

InArticle ads (Sponsored ads)

 this type of ad works best for viral blogs or general niche blogs. The ad promotes content from popular and premium publishers. The sponsored content is intergrated below a site's content or blog post.

As you can see above, infolinks offers users a unique monetization with automatic insertion. All you need do is integrate their code in your theme file.

Joining Infolinks
Registering and waiting for approval is all you need to do to get an infolinks account. Once your site gets approved, which may take relatively few hours, you will need to integrate the Infolinks code you’ll be given into your site. Integrating the code is very important as it helps your ads go live.
Getting approved by infolinks may be relatively easy so far you blog about relevant topics, avoid profanity and ensure your blog is not under construction...

Does Infolinks Work With AdSense
Yes, infolinks works well with AdSense and other adnetworks you might want to use.

Things To Know About Infolinks
  • Easy to get approved
  • Publisher panel is easy Understand
  • Easy to integrate.
  • Does not eat up your blogs' ad space since display is automatic.
  • They show more of Facebook ads which may be a turn off.
  • You need a reasonable amount of traffic to earn some bucks.
  • Infolink is a good AdSense alternative.
So you seem to like infolinks? Then what are you waiting for?

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