Earn While you Save With Alat.ng

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If you've always wanted to save up for the future, but didn't take actions for reasons best known to you, now is the time to reconsider your thoughts and take actions, because there is a digital bank known as ALAT waiting to be utilized.

What Is A Digital Bank?
According to Avoka.com;
"Digital banking is the digitization (or moving online) of all the traditional banking activities and programs that historically were only available to customers when physically inside of a bank branch."

What is ALAT?
ALAT is a digital bank, the first if its kind in Nigeria! It is an innovation of Wema Bank Nigeria, developed to give you easy access to saving your funds and doing other bank transactions without being physically present at the bank. 
With Alat digital bank, you can open a savings account using your phone number and Bank Verification Number (BVN) as well as other documents that you will be prompted to upload during the registration process.
It’s simple, convenient, reliable and requires no paper work. You also stand a chance of making money off it.  

Who Can Bank With ALAT Digital Bank?
Alat is open to all Nigerians with a means of Identification, and a Bank verification number. It's great for students and workers with an idea of saving for the future.

How To Join The Digital Bank
To register and get a savings account with Alat, you have to visit online.alat.ng or download their application from either Google playstore or Apple appstore, then sign up with your Bank Verification Number and phone number (You can do me a favour by using BY5Y3G as your referral).
Complete your verification process by uploading all the required documents
Which includes; 
• A government-approved ID card (Students can use their student ID)
• Photo of a utility bill not older than 3 months
• Your passport photograph.
• A photograph of your signature.

Account Usage And Limits
You can request for a MasterCard which you will be notified to pickup from the nearest Wema bank branch in less than a week. 
Your account becomes active when your account number gets mailed to you. Be aware that unless verified, you cannot withdraw your funds after they've been deposited. Thus, ensure that you submit valid and up-to-date documents in order to get verified by the ALAT team, 

Make Money as an Account Holder in ALAT

As an account holder with the ALAT digital bank, you are entitled to a N500 bonus for every friend you refer who activates and funds their account with N500. I will benefit from this offer if you use my referall code, BY5Y3G during sign up.
You can always share the unique referral code given to you with your friends and families as well as on social media.
If you are able to refer up to ten friends, you will be given an extra N5,000 making your referral bonus N10,000.

The Fun Part Of Earning While You Save
Apart from the referral bonuses you stand a chance to earn, Alat offers the best interest rate on savings; three times the standard bank rate!
 All you need to do is pull the bull by the horn and start off a simple automated savings plan which would earn you a 10% annual interest for your total savings. This will not only make you some free money but motivate you to save more. All you need to do, is set a savings' goal in your profile and begin saving. The longer you save, the bigger your interest. 

How To Get 10% Interest For Saving
To get 10% interest for saving your money, you need to set a savings' goal that will last up to 12 months without ending or deleting your goals. I know, it might seem difficult but think about the long term goal and interests to earn.

If for any reason you are unable to meet your 12months savings goal or you've set a shorter goal duration, you still get yourself an interest, which will be calculated based on how long you've saved. You lose your interest if you decide to delete your savings goal.

Benefits of using ALAT
Below are some reasons why you might want to bank with WEMA BANK'S digital bank, ALAT 
1. Signing Up with Alat.ng takes 5 Minutes or less.
2. You get bonuses for Referring your friends and family.
3. You earn while you save. A 10% interest paid to you annually is just great!
4. You will be given a free Debit Card which gets delivered to you at no cost.
5. You can Schedule transfers and recurring bill payments, so they get paid on time even when you forget.
6. You can activate your card directly from the ALAT app without visiting an ATM stand. You can also lock and unlock your card, as well as choose where it works.
7. And the best part of it all is that, with ALAT, you operate a zero account; ie, you can withdraw all your funds!

Are you up for the task of saving? 
Head over to online.alat.ng or download their app from either Google playstore or Apple appstore to join the family (Want to do me a favour? Use my Referral Code BY5Y3G).

Get A Loan In Nigeria With Paylater, Without Collateral

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get a loan with paylater
Isn't it amazing that each day, something new and innovative springs up for the benefit of individuals at all levels and works of life?
There are lots of opportunities discovered by a few and undiscovered by many.

If you've ever wanted to start up a business, but for some reason or the other do not have the funds to bring your ideas to live, then I'd be glad to tell you that you've found a source of capital, paylater.ng.
paylater review
Paylater is the first of its kind in Nigeria, and I am sure that it took a lot of courage and work from the team to put together such amazing platform that can transform an individual's life in a month or less.

What Actually Is Paylayer?
Paylater is a simple and automated platform that provides short or long term loans without collateral to individuals and business entities. With the platform, you don't have to queue up in a bank or fill unnecessary files and papers because it is a 100% online service that you have access to anytime any day in all 36 states of Nigeria; so long you have an internet enabled smartphone with which you'll use to download the application and apply.

How Does One get A Loan With Paylayer?
As earlier mentioned, Paylayer services is 100% online and you can apply for a loan at the comfort of your home. You do not need to visit their office or some third party websites. All they require from you before you get a loan is your absolute honesty during applications.

To apply for a loan, you have to download the Paylater android application on Google play store then register as a user on their platform and complete the application process. Paylater would suggest the best loan for you instantly and send you your funds in less than 12 hours once you are approved.

What Do I Need To Apply?
To apply for a Paylater loan, all you need is a Facebook account, a functional Nigerian bank account to receive funds and your Bank Verification Number (BVN) used to confirm your identity by the team.
My first ever loan with Paylayer was disbursed in less than 1 hour. No calls, no interrogations or whatever.

Should You Trust Paylater With Your BVN?
I know how much we are being encouraged to protect our BVN and you'd probably smell a rat but you should know that Paylater has absolutely no access to your bank account even while having access yo your BVN. They only require the number for verifying that the individual applying to take a loan from them is the genuine owner of the bank account provided.

Your BVN only assures that they are dealing with a real human who would be willing to pay up for loans collected.

How Big Is Their Interest Rate?
Paylater offers between 30% interest rate to 15% interest rate depending on the amount you intend borrowing.

How Do You Pay back loans?
Whenever it's time to pay back a loan, you don't have to do anything but have an account with funds in it whose debit card have been added to the service. Paylater.ng will automatically debit your account by the amount you owe once the day for repayment is due. You can also pay up your loan manually, on or before the due date. Paylater offers no discount for paying up before the due date.

What Happens If I Don't Pay Up On the Due Date?
Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can prevent you from paying up or leaving your account unfunded and preventing Paylater from debiting your account. They often give users the grace of paying up their loans After the due date but this doesn't come without a negative rating and lower chances of getting loan on your next application. You also risk getting tangled in credit bureaus and ‘possible legal action if you decide not to pay up a loan.You increase your trust flow by paying your loan on time.

Final Note
Paylater is probably one of the best thing to happen to business men, entrepreneurs, students and individuals at large who have need for cash.
Remember that while you take a loan, you should be ready to pay up on the due date with some percentages added.

I've used Paylater and I confirm that it is an amazing application/service, but if you want better reviews, you might want to checkout some user reviews on their Facebook Page.

Make Money With Your Designs On Print Products In Nigeria

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We know how difficult it is for people seeking to make money online without little or no money. The limitations are extreme and accompanied by tiny chances of succeeding.
There are various recommendations on how to make money online as Nigerians and today, there's a great opportunity for designers and artists looking to make money off their artistic skills online. If you can create beautiful designs, then you might consider getting on Printivo.
Printivo is an indigenous online designer market place where you can create and sell designs on print products and earn royalties for every sale on products having your designs. The store has been online since 3014 and is owned by one of Nigeria's finest entrepreneur.
As a designer you can create design templates that are not customizable and Customable on products.

Products You can Design On Printivo
Printivo sells different kinds of customizable print products. Some Products handled by Printivo includes;
~ Letterheads
~ Business cards
~ Flyers
~ Banners
~ mugs
~ T-shirts (limited to black, white and navy ~ blue)
~ iPhone case
~ Flash drives
~ Mouse pads, etc.
You stand a chance of earning a royalty of 15% each time customers purchase a product on Printivo having designs and texts you've uploaded or customized.

To get started on printivo, all you have to do is
• Visit PRINTIVO.COM/SELL and request to open a Store by
filling in your store name and other required fields and clicking on register. Choose a good name you wouldn't want to change sometime in the future even though there is a chance to.

• Once you've requested for a store, you get approved immediately after you click on the approval link sent to your mail box (Make sure you register with an email address you own and can access).

• After you've activated your printivo shop, you can start creating your designs by choosing a specific product you'd love to work on and upload the desired images you've created or make use of the printivo designer tool to create texts on the product.
Be sure to arrange and resize the designs on your product appropriately and don't forget to upload quality images you have rights to use.

• If you are done and satisfied with your design and customizations, you can post the product to be reviewed and approved by the printivo team before it can go live in your shop for sale. You can start making money each time your design sells.
To heighten your chances of making sales, promote your store and products on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. You can also tell your family and friends about your shop on Printivo.

How You Get Paid
Getting paid on Printivo is very easy as they send your earnings to your bank once, you set up the recipient bank details where your earnings to be sent to.

Final Note
This is very innovative and welcoming especially for people who have limited access to zazzle, teespring, threadless and a host of others.
With printivo, you don't worry about customer care, printing, delivery and complains. All you are concerned with is creating your designs and fixing them into products then promoting your store so it gets discovered by people and be seen by those who might be interested in your designs.

You should hop in and start Monetizing your skills now.

An Experience With Godaddy's $1/mo Economy Hosting plan (promo offer)

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Godaddy $1/mo hosting promo

Everyone has one or more tales to tell about their experience with products they've used overtime and in this post, I'll be filling the world in of my experience with Godaddy, one of the largest and most popular hosting company in the world. I've always used them for hosting and domain purchasing but now I've got a thing to share about their shared hosting economy plan which I bought at a terrific rate.

Crap, absolutely crap! I had to abandon the hosting plan pending when it expires by March 2018.  Honestly, godaddy's $1/mo promo shared hosting plan for one year however enticing it is, should be a no no for you. Please do not fall for the cajoling ads you see popping here and there while you surf the web. Yes, I wrote a post promoting the offer but after my unlikely experience with the service, I'd be damned not to advise you against falling for the almost free hosting plan. The only good thing about the offer is the free domain name (lasts for a year) you'll be given.

First thing first, Godaddy did a great deal of good by offering such cheap hosting plan accompanied with the free domain. 87% off regular price is really a big catch but then what's the use of a website having more downtime than uptime? Almost, if not totally useless. Assuming You have to pay the regular $7.99 for such a horrible experience?

 They claim the hosting plan is suitable for basic websites, but I must say that the plan isn't suitable even for a basic website because my website is as new as a day old with little or no traffic at all. Simply uploading a blog post from the WordPress android application leaves my blog on a 504 server page!

Apart from the Economy hosting plan promo, Godaddy also offers 54% off it's Deluxe plan (usually $10.99/mo but reduced to 4.99/mo for the first year) and 52% off its Ultimate plan (usually $16.99/mo but reduced to $7.99/mo for the first year). So if you must go for an offer, I'd suggest you go with the duluxe or ultimate plan promo to avoid unforseen circumstances. You can better still try other hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, ipage,

Features of Each Shared Hosting Plan Even With The Promo Offer
• 24/7 support
• WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and several other 1click installable web applications.
• 1 GB database storage (MySQL Linux).
• 1-click purchase of additional resources.
24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection.
1-click set up for GoDaddy registered domains.
Easy-to-use, feature-rich cPanel (I actually did love their Cpanel, was absolutely self-explanatory even for a novice).

Did you ever use the godaddy economy hosting plan?

If you did, do you mind sharing your experience in the comment section below.

A Top Notch Guide To Starting A Blog That Matters

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Start A Blog That Matters

There are lots of people wondering how possible it is to start a blog that matters. This topic has been of general concern, that lots of blogs have a thing or two to say about it. But then, when searched for online, majority of these search results either lead to a sales page or a blog post advertising some paid membership site or course. Surely, it's true and acceptable that people value what they have to spend money on than what they've got for free. It's also good to note that, there are few people out there who do not have just enough to pay up for a premium membership site or course, but need a headstart in building a valuable blog.

Previously, I wrote a very short post about starting a blog that matters, but in this post, I will go deeper into stating few prerequisites that can help you and I in not just starting a blog, but a blog that pays and makes our time online worthwhile. I am not claiming to be a pro or some guru and just like you, I'm still learning but I bet that by following this free guide, without questioning my qualifications, you can have your blog up and running in the next few hours whether you've failed at it once or you're just starting out.

As a new blogger, you may and may not need to spend money in creating and developing your blog but all depends on your financial capability. If you have just enough money to spend, then go for the best creation tactics for your blog which are often paid for but then you should know that money does little or absolutely nothing in building your blog. You are the key to developing a blog that catches the attention of the public.

Starting A Blog That Matters
Starting a blog shouldn't be expensive and complicated and to avoid glitches  and complications, I will be listing a few things that you need to do.

Start A Blog That Matters Stage 1: Creating and Starting A New Blog
Discover If Blogging Is Right for you

It's actually disturbing to discover that lots of people jump into blogging because they've heard of someone's amazing experiences in the blogging profession. Such people do not blog because they want to but because they believe that blogging is a very simple thing to do and an easy way to make money. Bottom line is, if you do not have the passion to blog, please don't let someone's success story lead you into wasting your money, time and resource. Results most times, do not come as fast you believe they should.

Brainstorm On What You Want To Blog About
There are lots of things to blog about, most of these things are born out of passion, some are borne out of curiosity while others are borne out of specific reasons and requirements. The best thing to blog about is what you have passion for or what you are willing to learn about. Although most bloggers preach the need to avoid passion in some instance because, most areas that you are passionate about yield little or no result. But, if you know what you are doing, you are sure to hit the jackpot someday with the right action and practices.

If you feel that what you're passionate about isn't best for you, then go for what you are willing to learn. There are lots of profitable niches out there that you can surely fit into but you should, as early stated be willing to learn about whatever area of specialization you choose.

Decide and Choose the right domain For You
When starting a blog or a business online, one of the most important features for getting the word out is your business' domain name. Think of the domain name as the name by which your business will always be known online & offline, example facebook.com.

What is a domain name?
A domain name is the name by which a site is known online. Your domain, no matter what niche you choose, is the unique address of your blog on the Internet. And to continue to keep ownership of whatever domain you've purchased, you will have to keep paying the annual fee which ranges from $10 - $30 or more (depending on the domain extension). Your domain/URL when
typed in browsers address bar leads to your blog. Also, it can be found on search engines such as Google and Bing, so you definitely need to find a unique moniker. Read More About Finding the right Domain for your blog.

Decide on The Best Blogging Platform For You
Before you begin creating your blog, you will need to settle with any of the two blogging platforms suitable for you. It's common for newbies to opt in for the hosted blogging platforms, but it's generally recommend that you set up your blog on a self-hosted blogging platform.
I have written an extensive comparison between blogger and WordPress
Check out other CMS like WordPress
~Check out The best free blog hosts

Choosing the best web host for your self hosted blog
Finding a web hosting provider to host your blogging software can be really  intimidating as there are so many of them out there. It will be a lot easier to pick the right one for you by concentrating on what your specific needs are.

Before jumping into just any hosting provider you see online, you need to know the prerequisites of getting a good host for your blog because, the wrong web host can cause more harm than good to your blog. To maintain a successful blog, it’s crucial that you choose a reliable hosting provider. Read More About Choosing a Web host provider for your Self-hosted blog.

Installing and Setting Up Your Blog
I have written an extensive guide on installing the WordPress.org blog application with bluehost as well as creating a blog on blogger.

Choosing A Theme For Your Blog
Your theme/template is an important aspect of your blog aside its content. whether you are getting ready to start a new blog or redesigning an already existing blog, you need to pay absolute attention to the theme you want to install. The most important aspect of a good theme is that it should fulfil you and your readers requirements. Read more about choosing the right theme for your blog. 

Start A Blog That Matters Stage 2: Developing Your New Blog
The stage 1 of starting a blog that matters is probably the easiest part of it all because, this stage has a lot more to do with your ability than your blog's look, host, and design.

Learning From Older Bloggers In Your Niche
Whatever niche (topic area that you will write about) you decide to blog in, there is always a more experienced and well grounded blogger that you can learn and seek advice from, as the case may be. It's best to stalk bloggers in your niche to avoid grave mistakes that you are likely regret. Most well grounded bloggers are willing to help newbies in their niche and this is easy to discover because there are lots of free blogging courses created by different old bloggers. The best you can do is find out the old bloggers in your niche.

Create Your Social Profiles
Although creating your social profiles could be the least of your worries as a new blogger, but it's definitely great if you create social profiles for your blog at an early stage. Remember you are not just trying to build a blog but a brand as well. So, while you set up a Twitter account, a Google Plus page, and a Facebook page for your blog remember to use your blog's name so you will be easier to identify at some point, when you wouldn't have to self promote.

Create Relevant Pages For Your Blog
Pages are areas in your blog, different from your regular posts that help your readers and visitors connect to you as well as know more about your blog and understand your rules and policies.
The important pages that you should set up include;
~ An about page
~ A contact page
~ A privacy policy page.

There are a few other pages that you can set up to help your readers understand how you run your blog.

Start Creating your blog posts
Your blog becomes official when you create your first blog post. It's often and should be an introductory article, ushering in prospective readers into your blog as well as letting them know what to expect from you.
After your introductory post, it's time to write meaningful posts as regards your niche and topic. Drafts are great ways to save up unfinished posts and researching is a great way to write quality articles. Don't be an island.

Promote Your Blog
There is no limit as to how much you can promote your blog and its posts. It's generally advised that as a new blogger, you do more promotion than content creation because you will need a visitor to read your blog posts.
Below are great and healthy ways to promote your blog and its posts.
~ Promote on social media
~ Drop relevant comments with a link back to your blog or post in authority blog in your niche.
~ Join and participate in forums
~ Share your blog to your friends and family.
~ Write guest posts on authority blogs related to yours.
~ Above all, Submits your blog to search Engines.

Start a Blog that Matters Stage 3; Monetizing Your Blog
After creating and developing  your blog, the next thing that comes to mind is “When and How Do I Monetize My Blog”.

The truth with monetizing a blog is that, you may not make money in the earliest stage of its growth. Making money with your blog is not as simple as speculated so there is every possibility that you might have to wait for probably a year after starting  your blog.

I'm not saying that you can't monetize a new blog, but I'd like to let you know that making money with a blog often is a slow and steady movement. Your content matters, your site visits matters and your patience matters. You should be more bothered with establishing yourself by providing valuable contents to your site visitors. The trust flow will eventually increase and as your traffic starts growing, your chances of making money blogging will increase. The opportunities to make money with your blog will come, not for short term gain but for long term gain.
Helpful post: Make money blogging for new bloggers

Need more Insightful Post About Starting a Blog that Matters? Then read this CashCowCouple's in-depth Post on Starting a Blog

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