Yippee! Blogtrovert is +1 Today

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I never thought I'd fall in love so much with this blog neither did I think that I would ever learn a lesson from my past nonchalant attitude towards blogs and domain I previously owned. You might want to read My Awful Blogging Journey.

I'm so glad to be here for another 1year!
I moved away from my previous blog and began blogging with blogtrovert.com on August 18th 2016, after purchasing a domain the previous day... I played around with wp on a free and an extremely cheap webhost but I guess I just had to navigate to and settled with blogger the next day!

Obviously, there is much to learn and more to achieve... I've got no excuse not to renew my beautiful domain and I'm really sorry dear monitoring expired domain seekers you aren't gonna pounce on this one just yet!
I do wish I could host a give away but oops! blogtrovert.com is still a baby despite being around for a year now, all thanks to my divided attention.

I have changed my header image to mark the beginning of a new year for us and I will be using the new design for now until something new come up.
Although the previous was OK, I need something new... I hope you love it!

So what do I hope to achieve in my 2nd year of ownership of this blog? 
Let's see... 
I will devote more time to blogging, and blog more about the main reason it was created "Personal rants and Online experiences of a shy introverted girl" what a load!
I'd hopefully develop more on my writing skills, bury that fear of stepping out and getting known which has lingered on for too long and probably move to wp if I end up being a little more serious but that is no problem for now. 

More so, I can't wait to be a graduate! That would be next year though...

45+ Facebook Groups Every Upcoming Blogger Should Join

Tuesday, August 08, 2017 4 Comments
Facebook groups for Bloggers

If you've been looking for new ways to promote your blog just like me ans interact with other bloggers or if you want to create awareness for your products, business and services, then chances are, you will like what you are about to read!

Lately I've been trying to go a little deeper into sharing my blog and its contents in social media communities and truth is, the result from Facebook groups has been tremendous. There are so many groups on Facebook targeting people of various interest and work of life. Good news is these groups can actually skyrocket your website when you promote in them...

Facebook communities are currently getting more popular as each day goes by and the traffic you stand to get from them will leave you in awe. These groups are essentially perfect for you and I as start-ups!

You should know the types of groups that operate on Facebook (close, public and secret), their limitations and rules! Most groups will let you post at any day in time, while some will specify days for promotion and a few do not allowing posting and promotions at all (doesn't make them totally useless, you can still learn 1 or 2 things by being part of them and if you are active enough, you might get people stealing through your profile and clicking your blog link(s) if made available in your about page.

Below are 45 Facebook Blogging related groups that you can join and participate in. Join all or make a choice, but be sure to adhere to the rules and guidelines of each group if made available.

Listed in no particular order
1. ​Fabulous Bloggers
1,000+ members
User engagement threads

2. Share Your Blog Post
10,000+ members
Share your blog posts anytime
No rules

3. Grow your Blog
7,000+ members
Posts require approval.

4. Email1K
7,000+ members
You can share your posts anytime
No Rules.

5. Lovely Bloggers
4,000+ members
User engagement threads

6. Inspired Bloggers Network
11,000+ members

7. Creative Writers
11,000+ members
Interactive group

8. Blogger Opportunities
7,000+ members
Q&A Interactive group

9. Blogging Paradise
18,000+ members
No rules
Share posts anytime anyday

10. FBL:Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers
16,000+ members
Blog post share any time

11. Blog + Biz Babes 
2000+ members
User engagement threads

12. Blogging Boost
27,000+ members
Very supportive and active members

13. Blog post Share
1000+ members
No rules
Share posts any time.

14. New Bloggers Network
1,000+ members
Interactive and user engagement

15. Bloggers United
17,000+ members
Very active and supportive

16. The Blog Boss Tribe
4,000+ members
User engagement threads

17. Make Your Blog Beautiful
2,000+ members
Interactive and user engagement threads group

18. Bloggers
69,000+ members
No rules
Post any time.

19. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers
23,000+ members
Not possible to post on wall but engaging threads are created for that.

20. Bloggers2Brands
9,000+  member
User engagement threads

21. Blogging Network
18,000+ members
Share blog posts anytime

22. Social Marketing Blogs
2,000+ members
User engagement threads.

23. Blog + Biz Babes 
2,000+ members
User engagement threads

24. Blog post Blogs
1,000+ members
No rules
Share posts any time.

25. New Bloggers Network 
1,000+ members
Post any time
No rules

26. Bloggers United
17,000+ members
Very active and supportive Group

Blogger Opportunity Group
1,000+ members
Interactive group

28. Bloggers Uprising
1000+ members
Interactive group

29. Blogging with Becky and Paula
7000+ members
Interactive group

30. Boost Your Blog
25,000+ members

31. Blog life 
15,000+ members
User engagement threads

32. Share your story
800+ members
No rules
Post any time

33. SEO, SMO, SEM and Bloggers on Facebook
3,000+ members
No rules
Posts any time

34. The Blog Loft
12,000+ members
User engagement threads

35. Boss Girl Bloggers
12,000+ members
Interactive group

36. Bloggers Share & Engage!!!
1000+ members
Share posts any time

37. Fashion Bloggers
18,000+ members
Post anytime
Perfect for fashion Bloggers

38. Blogging Networkers 
2000+ members
Share your posts

39. Bloggers Social Media Support
4,000+ members
User engagement threads

40. BloggersSEO Support
2,000+ members
Interactive group

41. Share Your Blog + Tips and Tricks
3,000+ members
1post per day

42. Bloggers Supporting Each Other
8,000+ members
User engagement threads

43. Oh, She Blogs!
1000+ members
Interactive and user engagement threads.

44. Blog Booster
1,000+ member
User engagement threads
Post your stories

45. Blog Posts Share
1,000+ members
Post any time

46. Blogger Engagement Group
5,000+ members
User engagement threads

47Boost your Blog
1,000+ members
Not possible to post on wall but engaging threads are created for that.

48. The Blog Tribe 
1,000+ members
Interactive and user engagement Bloggers

49. Bloggers for Bloggers
2,000+ members
Interactive group

Blogger's Diary; Still Fighting Procrastination

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I promised myself before creating this blog, that I was going to use it as an avenue to share my struggles, be it virtually, physically and probably emotionally. But, I guess I've been a little too uptight in doing that! Well, I'd love to take the bull by the horn today and spill my thoughts about a worrisome pest and lifestyle.

What can I do?
what should I do and 
what's there not to do!
 It's a characteristic I don't want but fail to fight off properly. It always finds its way into my head when there is something important to do and on many occasions, I lose out! I'm still fighting it in the craziest way and gaining grounds one step at a time, but I'm willing to try something different and bigger if anyone's got a better option because, I feel so far, my best haven't been good enough. 

Procrastination has done So Much Harm
The only time procrastination is fun is when you fail to realize that you are being eaten up by the flimsy excuses you make because You find something less worthy of your time intriguing. 
But alas! 
The end result is killing and degrading. 
How did this ever happen?
 Roughly 9 out of 10 people procrastinate. That's bad! really bad!

Fighting Procrastination was one of my 30days challenge that I never concluded for reasons best known to me. I'm giving it more attention because I know, that's what I've got to beat to do better!

60 Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers

Monday, August 07, 2017 34 Comments

Most times, it takes not more than 10minutes to Start a new blog but generating contents for blogs turn out more challenging than expected. Lack of content idea for your blog may leave it hanging without updates for a long period which can affect its health and engagement but being a lifestyle blogger opens doors to numerous chances of exploring the world and blogging about various topics most individuals find interesting.

Despite the large amount of blog post ideas available for lifestyle bloggers, many still encounter that writers block and struggle with generating the perfect topic for a new blog post. Sometimes, you feel you've written all that is left to write! But the world is definitely too large for such to happen and besides, every day is a new day for emerging ideas... You don't know what blog post idea your activities and experiences today may give birth to!

Check out this older list of 30 blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers.

Below is a list of possible blog post ideas every lifestyle bloggers might want to use
Listed in no order;
1.  Share a horrible experience with a product.
2. Blog posts you admire from other bloggers
3. A product with great review you'd love to use.
4. Beautiful places around the world you'd love to visit.
5. If you've got a good number of followers on Instagram, let your readers know your strategy
6. The hardest part of your blogging profession.
7. Share a dream you'd love to actualize
8. A virtual world is great, take your readers on a journey to your fantasized world.
9. Every blogger has a blogging hack, sharing your logging tips won't hurt a bit.
10. Share the Lessons you've learnt from your blogging mistakes.
11. Share your daily blogging routine.
12. Juxtapose your make-up free pictures with the opposite.
13. Draw up a monthly blogging plan each month.
14. Share your best beauty tips and hacks.
15. If you love novels, recommend the best of all you've read to your blog readers

16. Review a literature you've read.
17. Share a list of your best youtubers and why they'd be worth your readers time.
18. Let your readers know more about you. Share something funny and crazy about you...
19. Talk about your blog design and why you chose it.
20. If you are an affiliate marketer, pick products you are familiar with then write a review.
21. Let your readers know why some blogging tutorials aren't worth the struggle.
22. Share your money making strategy, whether online or offline.
23. Share your challenges of being extroverted or introverted.
24. Let your readers know which country you'd love to live in with your family and why.
25. Start a 30days challenge you can finish (started one, never finished it!).
26. Interview a fellow blogger who's been successful with his/her blogging career.
27. Share the craziest scene of a movie you've watched.
28. Share a scary aftermath of watching a horror movie.
29. Let your bloggers know your likes and dislikes as well as how you cope with people with dissimilar qualities.
30. Share a life changing experience.
31. If you've had and overcame a psychological problem, write about your struggles and how you scaled through.
32. Write about your several New year resolutions that you never worked towards actualizing.
33. Start a weekly routine of answering questions from your blog readers. Create a section of your blog where questions are posted to you from your readers and a specific DAT for attending to and posting answers to such questions.
34. Write about a celebrity worthy of being called a role model
35. Write about specific countries you'd love to visit for their tourist centres.

36. Share your best blogging tools you'd recommend to your blog readers.
37. Write about your best and worst travel experiences.
38. Share with your readers why you love or/and hate your current location.
39. Juxtapose your worse and greatest day.
40. Share a real life crazy experience and lessons to be learnt.
41. Describe your ideal job and why you'll deserve it.
42. Share with your readers how you manage blogging alongside your school activities or job if any.
43. Share with your readers how you started your blog and why.
44. Write about various blogs you recommended your blog readers to follow and tell them why they are worth following.
45. Share with your readers your top smart phones applications you have, use and can not do without.
46. Send a shout out to your most active blog readers (user comments are great ways to discover this) and encourage others by giving them something great.
47. Support or oppose an article you've read that's largely related to your blog.
48. Share an unusual fashion sense you've seen either in the public or online.
49. If you've learnt something new, share with your reader what you've learnt and how difficult or simple it was to learn.
50. Share an outfit of the day and why you love them.
51. There are lots of quotes online, share with your readers your favourite quotes.
52. Share your blogging income report if you've got one. This could turn out to be a monthly routine.
53. Interview someone who inspires you and let your readers know why they inspire you.
54. Write about your role models and share with your bloggers what you've learnt from them over the years.
55. Share with your readers amazing ways you have managed to encourage yourself.
56. Share with your readers your favourite food or recipe and why they are worth trying.
57. Start a fun challenge and let your blog audience participate in it for a prize gift.
58. Take a blast back to the past and share something spectacular capable of making an average blog reader nostalgic.
59. Share your favourite YouTube channels and let your audience know why they'd get glued longer than expected.
60. Share the amazing ways you promote your latest blog posts and which technique works best for you.

Free open source content management system Similar to WordPress (Self-hosted)

Saturday, August 05, 2017 No Comment
I've written so much about blogging to an extent that a regular visitor of my blog should have had a good knowledge of what it is all about. Blogging is a beautiful practise and it has grown bigger than just a piece of cake! Different people use do for different purpose. Some just love to share and save their life experiences, hobbies and personal life issues while may others do it for something deeper, to make money. There is a 99% chance that most bloggers have heard of “Open Source CMS, WordPress", the most popular free application for running a blog. Also, there is a similar chance that most bloggers have never heard about other great free Open Source CMS similar to WordPress.org. They can serve the same purpose and some might even do better than WordPress.

First on my list is Joomla. This CMS is actually gaining grounds and is being used by several websites. Joomla is flexible but unlike WordPress, needs a programmer's understanding. If you give yourself a chance with Joomla, You might end up loving it and letting go of WordPress. Joomla can be structured into a classic website, thus, it's not limited to being used as a blogging software. It's possibilities far out weights WordPress but to be well grounded with its functionalities, you'd have to learn a thing or 2 about its structure and functionality. Joomla is great, but not for newbies
Aside its functionality, Joomla has great plugins just like WordPress abs this plugin make it so easy to use. If you have the knowledge of a programmer or is willing to learn from their community support as well as tons of free and paid tutorials offered online and outrightly tired of WordPress, then you can move over to Joomla.

Second on my list is Drupal, seemingly gaining grounds but not so much in use as WordPress. The software haven't really been in the whitelist of many people despite being loved by many others. Drupal is just another perfect house for a great blog and it's software package gives you access to easily manage, publish organize and publish varieties of content on your site.
Drupal houses lots of cool features, one of which is its built-in news aggregator. Drupal powers a good percentage of the websites in the internet today. It also has a community support.

CMS Made Simple is a great open source CMS having slightly the same features as the aforementioned applications. 
This Open source application has several themes and modules, giving its users a chance to extend built-in features without hassles. There is a community extensive documentation available for support and to get you started.

Textpattern unlike others is much simpler, understandable and straightforward which makes it easy for its user. Textpattern is flexible and several plugins that makes it possible to create almost anything. As a newbie, you'll enjoy textpattern because you wouldn't always need a third party to work on your blog.

Habari is largely a new kid in the block. Despite being a new blogging platform, Habari is bent on competing with Giants of CMS and is serving as a great blogging solution for several bloggers. I do hope it gets popular over the next few years.
Just like other CMS and Ultimately WordPress, the software has plugins, to ease blogging and a WordPress importer is also available to make importing your previous WordPress blog easy. Habari is definitely a great WordPress contender.

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